Top 20 Anti-Chafing Underwear for Men (#1 is the Best Pick) – 2020 Reviews

Anti-Chafing Underwear for Men

Chafing has many forms, unfortunately. And each form’s pain threshold is different. So it’s quite evident that chafing is no joke. You cannot rely on mainstream underwear to protect your boys down there. Instead, place your faith in these top 20 anti-chafing underwear for men.

Top 20 Anti-Chafing Underwear for Men


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To be honest, looking for the top 20 anti-chafing underwear for men wasn’t easy. Cause, apparently, the market is flooded with cheap underwear. Designed using crappy fabrics that rub against your thighs or man parts!

So if you want to prevent tragedies from taking place down there, select any one of the following.

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	 ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Brief, Black, Small

The most popular pick is the ExOfficio Give-n-go Boxer Brief. It has a breathable and durable nylon construction. With stretchy spandex!

It ranks as the best men’s performance underwear that doesn’t cause any chafing. Anywhere! The exceptional antimicrobial treatment handles odor control. Then there’s mesh, which promotes airflow.

The waistband is an excellent feature too. As it retains the original shape by restricting stretching!

Needless to say, the ExOfficio Brief is the most comfortable and coolest option on the list.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Underwear – Alaska to Argentina

adidas Men's Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear (2 or 4 Pack)

The second pick is the best anti-chafing underwear for performance-driven activities. It’s the Adidas Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear. The black wonder is engineered to make you feel cool down there. It keeps your parts dry and comfortable throughout the workout.

The materials involved are polyester and spandex. The former is performance-driven, obviously. But it’s also lightweight, soft, and breathable. It features Climalite moisture management. Now that’s impressive, isn’t it?

Other notable elements include super-soft waistband and non-chafing, smooth seams/stitching. Along with secondary yet useful features like double-layered mesh fabric support pouch.

But it’s the leg construction you might appreciate the most. The legs don’t ride up at all. And that’s nothing but great news for performers.

#3 Champion Men’s Powerflex Compression Short – For Maximum Support

Champion Men's Powerflex 6" Compression Short, Black, Medium

Yes, this is the best men’s anti-chafing underwear. But the Champion Powerflex Compression Short is also the most supportive. And what it makes worthy is its flatlock seams. They do an excellent job at protecting against chafing.

You can look forward to the quick-drying technology too. The special fabric quality evaporates moisture quickly.

The compression fit is another reason I chose to review the Champion Powerflex Compression Short. Thanks to the stretch fabric. Also equally remarkable are the ventilation zones. So you don’t need to worry about breathability either.

It’s the next-level kind of underwear you can get into daily.

#4 PUMA Men’s 3 Pack Tech Boxer Brief – For Long-Lasting Use

PUMA Men's 3 Pack Tech Boxer Brief

If you want to get your hands on a super-durable pair, this is it. The PUMA Tech Boxer Briefs are as comfortable and durable as they come. There’s no chance you won’t be reaching for them every morning. And what’s even more enticing, it’s a pack of 3.

Moisture-wicking properties, anti-chafing flatlock seams, and a stretchy, supportive fit. These are the highlights of the show.

Let me not leave out the soft waistband too. It’s what adds superior comfort to the experience.

#5 Calvin Klein Men’s Micro Modal Trunk – For a Flattering Look

Calvin Klein Men's Body Modal Trunk, Blue Shadow, Small

Not all underwear feature a contoured pouch. But the Calvin Klein Micro Modal Trunk does. To flatter your physique in the bottom!

Soft modal fabric is used for construction. Paired with stretch, this transforms into all-day comfort. Even the waistband feels plenty smooth and soft against the skin.

But if you’re seriously considering this pick, buy it for the body-shaping fit.

#6 Under Armour Men’s Original Series 6” Boxerjock – For Maximum Mobility

Under Armour Men's Original Series 6” Boxerjock, Midnight Navy (410)/Steel, XX-Large

When going through the top 20 anti-chafing underwear for men, don’t forget to think about mobility. Anti-chafe seams are important and all that. But what good is your anti-chafing underwear if it doesn’t allow you to move freely! In this case, you might love every bit of the Under Armour Original Series 6” Boxerjock.

Its four-way stretch is what enables greater mobility. The exclusive HeatGear fabric and integrated mesh material fly panel steal the limelight. Also demanding your attention is the moisture-wicking mechanism. So don’t worry about breaking a sweat because it’ll dry up soon.

The waistband is also performance-driven. So everything in here is designed to make you feel better.

#7 David Archy Men’s Ultra Fast Dry Performance Boxer Briefs – For Daily Wear Comfort

David Archy 3 Pack Men's Ultra Fast Dry Performance Boxer Briefs(Black/Dark Gray/Light Gray-Solid,S)

The David Archy Ultra Fast Dry Performance Boxer Briefs have what unique feature? A 3D pouch structure that comfortably supports your man parts. Without restricting movement!

The longer legs here are perfect for sports activities. Since they offer support in the form of a complete fit.

Moreover, the high-tech fabric has quick-drying properties. So you can remain fresh and cool all day long. And they come in a pack of 3. All three are lightweight, which means good for travel.

It goes without saying that the stitching consists of flatlock seams. So chafing is an acquaintance that never visits.

#8 Champion Men’s Tech Long Leg Boxer Brief – For a Longer Length

Champion Men's Tech Performance Long Leg Boxer Brief, Black, Large

Do you prefer longer boxer briefs? If yes, play safe with the Champion Tech Performance Long Leg Boxer Brief. The underwear is all about optimal support and a comfortable fit. It’ also about a longer length! Along the same lines, the legs don’t ride up.

What you’re dealing with here is a synthetic piece. That hugs your equipment and moves with it. The former implies comfort and a good fit. While the latter means flexibility and mobility.

Double Dry and Power Core are the advanced features. One takes care of eliminating sweat and the quick-drying action. And the other contributes to maximum support and movement. Don’t expect any other longer length number to perform as exceptionally as this one.

#9 Calvin Klein Steel Micro Boxer Briefs – For High-Quality

Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Steel Micro Boxer Briefs, Dark Midnight ,X-Large

It is Calvin Klein after all. Meaning high-quality underwear that you know will last for a very, very long time. You’re looking at the Calvin Klein Steel Micro Boxer Briefs. And they have everything your paraphernalia demands.

Flat, smooth stitching for no chafing or bulk. The underwear is tag-less, meaning totally comfortable to wear. The waistband as well is soft and smooth.

But let’s face it. You’ll be buying this anti-chafing Calvin Klein Briefs for their visual impact.

#10 Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Underwear – For Maximum Ventilation

adidas Men's Sport Performance Climacool Boxer Briefs Underwear (2-Pack), Black/Black, Large

Yet another awesome pair by Adidas! It’s the Adidas Sport Performance ClimaCool Boxer Underwear. And unlike the others, it’s got performance micro mesh. I’m talking about the special ClimaCool technology. These are ventilation channels put in place for providing the necessary cooling effect.

Needless to say, the Adidas Sport Performance Boxer Underwear is fit for hot weather. And its non-chafing, smooth stitching is perfect to prevent skin irritation. With no riding-up-of-the-legs issue, you’re in for a treat.

#11 KRONIS Mens Underwear Low Rise – For Cotton Trunk Lovers

	 Italian Designed Trunks 2 Pack KRONIS Mens Underwear Premium 180gsm Cotton, Medium, Blue + Light Blue

The first part of the top 20 anti-chafing underwear for men is done. Moving on to the second part now! So let me begin with the KRONIS Underwear Low Rise Trunks. If you prefer wearing cotton trunks, these are it.

The pair features a double-layered pouch on both the sides. And in the center, for a well-contoured, supportive look!

The trunks are designed using soft, breathable cotton. But what’s so anti-chafing about it? The seamless stitching of course! It also gives you that body-shaping fit you demand from underwear.

So for some low-rise and shorter length comfort, look no further.

#12 SAXX Underwear Co. Men’s Kinetic Boxer – For a Good Fit

SAXX Underwear Co. Saxx Kinetic Boxer Black Fracture XXL

Do you know what the SAXX Underwear Co. Men’s Kinetic Boxer has that most don’t? A 3D fit! The 9-panel frame of this underwear creates 3D support. You can actually feel the stuff around your hamstrings, quads, thighs, and glutes.

As for anti-chafing properties, the softer, flatter sides prove to be very useful. They make the whole experience itch-free.

And what about combatting moisture? That’s the fabric’s job to get rid of. Talking about the fabric, it’s super-soft. So you can’t possibly have anything to complain about here.

#13 CLEVEDAUR Men’s Underwear – For a Tight Budget

Mens Underwear Boxer Briefs Soft Stretch Micro Modal Boxer Briefs Quick Dry Men's Underwear with Open Fly Black/Grey/Navy-XXL (3 Pack)

Let me just get straight to the point here. The modal material is light and feels cozy. The underwear is antimicrobial and skin-friendly. The stitching is smooth and non-chafing. The waistband is soft and comfortable.

In all, the pair is performance-driven, no doubt. And it can stand the test of time. That’s the beauty of the affordable CLEVEDAUR Underwear Stretch Boxer Briefs.

#14 Hanes Men’s Comfort Flex Fit Boxer Brief – For Everyday Flex

Hanes Men's 3-Pack Comfort Flex Fit Ultra Lightweight Mesh Boxer Brief, Black/Gray, Small

The product title says Comfort Flex. And that very much is a part of the deal. The Hanes Comfort Flex Fit Lightweight Mesh Boxer Brief is a bit of everything though.

It has a supportive, breathable pouch. The lightweight mesh offers enough elasticity for your movements. The waistband is tag-less, meaning comfortable. You don’t even have to worry about the moisture-wicking action. No ride-up, no chafing, no form of irritation or discomfort.

#15 Reebok Mens Performance Boxer Briefs – For Hot Weather

Reebok Mens 3 Pack Performance Boxer Briefs Black/Goji Berry/Iron Gate S

You can’t imagine how cool and dry these keep you. The Reebok Performance Boxer Briefs have a long line. Meaning no chafing worries to deal with!

To make matters even better, Reebok made sure they fit snugly. The high-tech material and design is the epitome of breathability.

Needless to say, the importance of comfort is neither under-rated nor over-rated here.

#16 SAXX Underwear Men’s Vibe Boxer Brief – For Friction-Free Support

Saxx Underwear Vibe Men's Boxer Briefs Ballpark Pouch Knockout Red Large

Now here’s a pair that reeks of uniqueness. The SAXX Underwear Vibe Boxer Briefs feature a special BallPark pouch. This is what opens the door to friction and contact-free support. It’s only a 3D pouch that keeps your man parts in place.

This 3D fit offers shaping around your thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. And the flat-out stitching/seams bring forth no-chafing comfort.

Also, bonus points for moisture absorption and waistband.

#17 Dream Catcher Mens Boxer Briefs – For the Best Pack

Dream Catcher Mens Underwear Boxer Briefs Cotton Boxer Briefs Underwear Men Pack Open Fly S-XXL

Buy this for not one but many reasons. Anti-chafing, anti-bacterial, and anti-odor.Double-layered front panel with an open fly. Wide enough elastic waistband. And the fact that you can wear the 5-pack Dream Catcher Underwear Boxer Briefs on a daily basis too!

#18 MoFiz Men Underwear Bamboo Boxer Briefs – For Maximum Odor and Moisture-Wicking Action

MoFiz Men's Underwear Soft Bamboo 3 Pack Long Leg Boxer Briefs with Elastic Waistband Black Size L

What is it that gives these boxer briefs the capacity to wick away odor and moisture? It’s the use of bamboo material for construction. And what about the little bit of spandex employed? It brings stretchy comfort into the mix.

The legs don’t ride up. The seams don’t cause chafing. Since they’re flat out and smooth.

Even the waistband is high up to prevent waist constriction. And lastly, there’s the open fly-equipped 3D pouch. For all the comfort and room your precious bits demand!

#19 Beleaf 9” Men’s Active Underwear Boxer Briefs – For Well-Designed Legs

Baleaf 9" Men's Active Underwear Sport Cool Dry Performance Boxer Briefs with Fly Grey/Navy Size XL(2-Pack)

I don’t let options like the Beleaf 9” Active Underwear Sport Cool Dry Performance Boxer Briefs go to waste. They deserve your attention. After all, the underwear is crafted for comfort.

The flat seams, as you already know, prevent chafing irritation. But it’s the long leg design you might go for. Cause this particular cut is what keeps the underwear in place. No other pair on the list has the ability to do that. At least not as well as this one!

#20 LAPASA Men’s Sport Boxer Briefs – For Travel

LAPASA Men's Sport Boxer Briefs Mesh Travel Underwear Ultra Quick Dry Breathable Odor Resistant 2 Pack M16 (Medium, Navy)

It’s the best for travel why exactly? The LAPASA Sport Boxer Briefs are designed using lightweight mesh. The fabric is all things at once. Including durable, breathable, and comfortable. Plus, it offers a good fit.

Regular washing doesn’t have any negative side effects either. So this pack of 2 should suffice for your entire trip.

What about anti-chafing you might be wondering? For that, the underwear consists of flatlock seams. So the things that actually matter are pretty much covered.

The End

This brings me to the end of the top 20 anti-chafing underwear for men. You can pick any one you like. Based on your personal preferences and style of course!

All 20 options are the most suitable to prevent chafing. No matter the inside or outside condition!

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