Top 7 Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor (#7 Is The Most Persuasive)

Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor

It’s time to opt out of painful razor cuts and buy a straight razor. Shaving with a straight razor is safer and effective. It helps you shave responsibly and has a longer shelf life. So everybody wins!

I’d like to introduce you to the benefits of shaving with a straight razor. You’d be grateful to each and every benefit. And will no longer want to wait to buy the best straight razor. Cause without a straight razor, you’d not only be lost. But you’ll also have lots of hair.

Top 7 Benefits of Shaving with a Straight Razor 

#1 It Keeps Your Skin Rash-free


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You’re all too familiar with razor burns and rashes. That is, only after you use a multiple-blade razor. The problem with them is that they pull the hair up from the root. This allows any one of the blades to nick the skin in the process.

With a straight razor, you get the closest shave possible. Not only that, it doesn’t cause ingrown hairs, rashes, or burns. You need only less than a few passes to remove all the hair. So you don’t strip the skin’s smoothness or make it excessively dry.

Truth be told, some straight razors work in a single pass without bruising your skin.

#2 It Reduces In-grown Hairs


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There’s probably more than one reason why you get ingrown hairs. But what you shave with is also one of the reasons why. A multi-blade razor, as mentioned above, pulls the hair to cut it off.

This results in improper hair follicle growth from the root. So instead of sprouting upward, as hair should, it grows beneath the skin. There’s no other reason for why this should happen.

A straight razor does not lift the hair follicle up. It cuts the hair closest to the skin that is the opening of the pore. This prevents ingrown hairs. And it keeps your skin smooth even after a close shave.

#3 It Has a Longer Shelf Life

Multi-blade razors are short-lived which makes them disposable. Plus, their blades do not retain its sharpness for long. No matter how well you take care of them. Exposure to water and soap causes the blades to rust.

So you have no choice but to throw them away sooner rather than later. And the more you shave with a multi-blade razor, the faster it loses its edge!

Straight razors don’t have such limitations. It’s a single razor blade for the win! All you need to know is how to maintain them. And they stick with it for the longest time.

#4 It Gives You Complete Control


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Thought you could shave any one of two ways? It can either be with the direction of the hair growth or against it. Like I’ve already mentioned before, a straight razor does not have such limitations. This is what’s written in the resume of a multi-blade razor.

With a straight razor, there’s a learning curve to make the most of. A multi-blade or cartridge razor does not let you swiftly transition with the grain. And what if you try to go against the grain? It causes razor burns and rashes.

You can apply a set amount of pressure and be incredibly precise with a single blade. So while you’re shaving, you can glide along the skin without nicking it.

#5 It is Environmental-friendly 

Did I mention how long-lasting a straight razor is? One of the striking benefits of shaving with a straight razor has to do with the environment.

Disposable razors do not decompose. Plastic razors take at least 1000 years to decompose. You might throw them away and out of your life. But they are dumped into landfills and billions of them. Imagine the amount of pollution which is caused by short-lived multi-blade razors.

So they’re clearly not the eco-friendly and sustainable choice for you.

#6 It is Cost-effective


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Buying a straight razor definitely saves you a lot of money. Even though the buying cost of a straight razor can be expensive. It’s just the initial cost and then you don’t have to pay for anything else.

A high-quality straight razor will last you for a long time. Compared to disposable or cartridge razors that spoil faster. You’re saving on blade refills in the long run.

The only thing you need to keep buying is shaving cream. Normally, you might spend more than $30 in refills every week or so. But for the best straight razor, you only have to pay $100 and use it for months.

You can make a straight razor last for a year with diligent care. 

#7 It Gives You the Closest Shave


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Just this once, more doesn’t mean better. I don’t think I’d find anyone who can debate with me on this. A straight razor is the most effective razor for a close shave. Multi-blade razors tug at your skin and hairs. Causing razor bumps and ingrown hairs!

A straight blade glides on the surface of your skin. It cuts off hair follicles that stick out. This means less irritation and softer skin. If you don’t still believe, check this out.


There’s a lot to look forward to with a straight razor. And these benefits of shaving with a straight razor shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, you’re dropping a fair amount for a razor. So it might as well surpass all your expectations.

And a straight razor gives you a close shave every time. So don’t fall for the dirt cheap prices of disposable razors. It’s time you get involved in what you do. And better your experience of shaving which is an important part of your daily routine.

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