What Is the Best Big Balls Underwear and How to Buy One?


Just because you want more room for your nether region, doesn’t mean you have to go commando. You can wear something more supportive like boxer briefs. And still, feel comfortable and stay dry and cool.

Underwear with ball support is not that difficult to find. They offer you all the support you need down there. And they’re an excellent underwear choice for breathability and ease of movement.

So without wasting too much of your time. Here are my top 2 favorites for big balls underwear. Proper airflow, firm stretch, and moisture-wicking. These underwear choices have everything you need in big balls underwear.

The Best Underwear for Big Balls

#1. Under Armour Mens Original Series 6-Inch Boxerjock – Editor’s Choice

Best Big Balls Underwear

If you want something supportive and soft, go for the Under Armour Boxerjock. It’s made from polyester and elastane with a lightweight mesh fly panel. Its fabric has a 4-way stretch which in itself is very supportive for big balls.

This only means you won’t feel crowded in them. Nor would you feel tight or constrained while moving around. The lightweight fabric offers plenty of flexibility for your goods. They don’t feel so hot to wear in warm and humid weather. In fact, the polyester keeps you cool and dry.

Under Armour is a reputable brand to rely on. It offers you a catalog of interesting choices. Once you try an Under Armour underwear, it’s hard to like something else. These 6-inch boxerjocks combine style with functionality.

Even if you sweat, there’ll be no odor emanating from the fabric. This also keeps chafing and skin irritation at bay. And we all know how big a problem chafing can be for men with big balls.


  • Comfortable and supportive to wear for hours
  • Offers correct posture and placement
  • Very long-lasting and firm


  • The price tag at the back is irritating

#2. Champion Men’s Tech Performance Boxer Brief

No matter how many comfortable underwears you have at home. Your wardrobe is incomplete with the best performance boxer briefs. And nothing better than the Champion Tech Performance Boxer Brief to buy.

It has topped multiple ‘best underwear for men’ lists. And with good reason because when you compare it with the giants like Adidas or Under Armour. It really is the champion of the champions.

These are cotton boxer briefs with double-dry moisture-wicking fabric. It offers ease of movement, a dry and cool climate. If you are a size larger than average, you need better shaping under jeans and trousers.

This is especially important for men with big balls. The contoured pouch of these best big balls underwear is special. It has a front fly and mesh construction. So there’s plenty of breathability and freedom inside.

The waistband is supportive and firm. Even after a couple of machine washes, the fabric won’t give in. It stays comfortable, smooth, and body-shaping. You can wear them at home, to exercise, and to do your daily errands or shopping.


  • The fabric wicks away moisture and sweat
  • The waistband does not roll or ride up/down
  • Offers plenty of movement during physical activity


  • Not the ideal choice for beefy upper thighs

What to Consider When Buying The Best Big Balls Underwear

Buying underwear is easier said than done. Even if it’s the most basic item in your wardrobe. When you have to pick out a specific type of underwear such as big balls underwear. That’s when things get tricky.

Lucky for you, this article has a quick solution to your big balls problems. You can rely on these buying tips and find your favorite underwear in one place. The chances are the above-mentioned underwear options are the perfect fit for you.

Buying underwear for big balls is not just buying underwear with a pouch. The underwear material must be soft, supportive, and breathable. You need a functional front fly and a strong but soft waistband.

All these features prevent common underwear mistakes and you, as a result, save your money! Here’s what you need to know.

The Right Fit

Not all underwear styles fit the same. They may be designed the same but your size is unique. Buying boxer briefs, in that case, is a big life-saver. It offers comfort and support to men with big balls. It doesn’t feel too tight or hot. Even if you plan on wearing them all day long.

Boxer briefs offer enough room with 100% support. Just make sure you buy boxer briefs of the right size. Take your waist, girth, and thighs into consideration during sizing.

You don’t want the underwear to fit from the waist but the legs keep rolling up. Underwear with a 4-way stretch doesn’t creep up your legs. Nor does it bunch up all in one place when you’re sitting.

The same applies to buying performance boxer briefs for athletic use. If you’ve encountered this problem, you know how painful it can be. Tight underwear for big balls doesn’t provide any movement. You might end up injuring the area trying to get some leg workouts done.

So with the right fit, especially when you have big balls, you won’t have to feel how big you are down there.

Avoid Synthetic Fabrics

It is useless to wear underwear not made of cotton or polyester. It worsens your condition in many ways. It traps moisture and sweat. It smells funny because of that too. It’s tight and restrictive. And it causes chafing and rashes if you wear it too long. Worse, if you work out in them.

That’s why it’s important to stick to the basics. Cotton, polyester, bamboo. These are the fabric to watch out for. Men with big balls often experience chafing and skin irritation. Synthetic fabrics will only matter the matters worse.

The Right Coverage

Men’s underwear types are not limited. You will find so many sizes and shapes of underwear for men. But that doesn’t mean you qualify for each of them. Or that every one of them will suit and fit you. Especially when you have big balls.

What you need to focus on is coverage. The more skin you expose, the higher the chances of irritation and/or infection. That said, big balls underwear offer incredible coverage. But along with that, the material needs to be breathable.

Other fabrics sticking to your skin will attract more sweat. And hence, cause chafing, rubbing, rashes, and what-not. The right coverage goes hand-in-hand with breathability. Boxer briefs are the perfect choice for big balls underwear.

They will fit you snugly without feeling too tight. They keep your crotch dry and cool. Even if you’re wearing jeans or tight trousers over them. And you get the additional ball support with the pouch with or without the accessible front fly.

Conclusion -The Best Big Balls Underwear

It’s a good idea to invest in more than one pair of underwear. That’s why you have 2 excellent choices at your disposal. Nobody wants to feel the heat down there even if it’s not hot! Plus, tight underwear can cause infections, soreness, and unpleasant odors.

What you need is a quick and simple guide to complete freedom. You can buy the best big balls underwear and feel all your troubles melt away.

It’s true, after all, that bad underwear contributes to a bad mood. So why torture yourself when you can just as easily wear something that fits you like a second skin?

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