Top 10 Best Panties for Men You’ll Find Are So Popular (2020 Reviews)

Best Panties for Men

Men do prefer wearing women’s panties. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how comfortable panties really are. Particularly when compared to the sometimes uncomfortable cotton briefs that men wear. Or in comparison to regular men’s underwear too! So how about I review the top 10 best panties for men!

It’s not just transgender women and cross-dressers who love to wear panties. Regular guys also do. Thanks to the use of silkier and softer fabrics. And let’s not forget the ultimate comfort you feel down there! While some men just fancy putting on a pair of panties. Consider it a fetish.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter. Cause the whole point is to wear the best panties for men. So how about I give you as many as 10 comfortable and fitting options to choose from!

Top 10 Best Panties for Men


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More variety paves the way for more fabric choices, colors, and pattern. And only women’s underwear manufacturing brands offer this kind of diversity.

So what you see below are a mix of both women and men panties. Simply pick a pair based on your size, personal preferences, and the design.


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Bikini Briefs

Nylon and Spandex



Polyamide and Spandex


Hipster Briefs

Nylon and Spandex



Nylon and Spandex


Hipster Briefs

Cotton and Spandex



Nylon and Spandex


Gaff Panties

(Hipster Briefs)

Cotton and Polyester


Granny Briefs



Gaff Panties

(Hipster Briefs)

Cotton and Polyester


Sissy Pouch Panties

Polyester and Lace

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WINDAY Men Briefs Breathable Ice Silk Triangle Bikinis and Briefs N04 L/US M 4-Pack Mixed Color B

Excellent quality and material, plus very comfortable and sexy. These are the reasons why the WINDAY Men Briefs Breathable Ice Silk Triangle Bikinis and Briefs emerge at the top. They make you feel like you’re wearing nothing below your pants. So there’s no chance you won’t like this pair if you already prefer low-rise underwear.

The WINDAY Men Briefs Breathable Ice Silk Triangle Bikinis and Briefs are sexy, eye-catching numbers. Crafted for you if you’re confident enough to be your true self!

These are the best panties for men mainly due to their nylon and spandex construction. Such a combination of fabrics feels like second skin. The material is not only smooth but extremely comfortable too.

The stretch is quite generous right where it should be. And that is the pouch, which accommodates your male parts perfectly well. The undies move and stretch with you. That’s the most appealing aspect!

What’s more? The fact that you can keep them on during exercising as well! Running in these bikini briefs is not an unpleasant experience. Thanks to the use of comfortable and thin fabrics. Along with the underwear’s remarkable moisture-wicking capacity!

In all, the WINDAY Men Briefs are snug enough. So they can hold your man arsenal in place. Without making it feel squashed!

It’s almost instinctive to appreciate the smooth, comfortable material. That makes the panties simply perfect to wear on your long, busy days. But you might also want to buy them for the exceptional cuddle-pouch impact.

It’s quite out there that the WINDAY Men Breathable Ice Silk Triangle Bikinis Briefs fit small. I mean the size runs small. So order for a size up if you want your boys to breathe down there!


  • They are light, silky, with an almost absent waistline.
  • No front pouch seam for a more comfortable fit.


  • Sizing is a bit smaller than normal.

#2 Sissy Pouch Panties – Best Thongs for Men

Sissy Pouch Panties Men's Lace Thong Bikini Briefs Hipster Girlie Underwear Sexy For Men VC (XL, Standard Black)

Now here’s quite an attractive option for men who prefer G-string thongs. The Sissy Pouch Panties Men’s Lace Thong G-String Bikini Briefs are the go-to thongs for men. The materials employed, in this case, are polyamide and spandex. The former is nothing but just another name for nylon. And that means superior comfort is a part of this design too.

As for spandex, it does what it does best. The fabric is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Plus, it’s got perspiration-resistant properties, with great elasticity of course.

Moving on, these best panties for men consist of a soft pouch in the front. And it’s this particular area that benefits the most from the use of a stretchy material.

The lace waistband fits perfectly well. It doesn’t roll down either if that’s what you’re wondering. And the fabric below the lace is very smooth and soft.

The pouch is plenty roomy. Plus, it expands at times when you get a little too excited. So you don’t have to worry about comfort even in such moments.

Not many G-string thongs for men have the ability to exceed all expectations. But, fortunately, the Sissy Pouch Panties Men’s Lace Thong G-String Panties do.

This pair of panties is proof that you shouldn’t be reluctant to wear thongs. The design of the pouch is such that it keeps the panties from cutting into your skin.

When ordering, you might want to choose a size smaller. Because the Sissy Pouch Panties Men’s Lace Thong G-String Bikini Briefs run large.


  • Pouch and waist fit you can count on.
  • They are extremely stretchy.
  • Pelvic wall support is undeniable.


  • Sizing is large.

#3 Jockey Women’s No Panty Line – Best Women Panties for Men

	 Jockey Women's No Panty Line Promise Tactel Hip Brief Light 5 (MD)

Why should you not pick Jockey when it ranks among the best underwear brands! For both men and women. And why should you not choose legit women panties? When they’re mightily comfortable to wear! Particularly the Jockey Women’s No Panty Line Promise Tactel Hip Brief.

If you ask around, I’m sure you’ll find that many men love wearing Jockey women panties. Especially this one since it’s so buttery silky, lightweight, and soft. The Jockey Women’s No Panty Line Promise Tactel Hip Briefs are super comfortable. And also light in weight. It’s like they’re hardly noticeable.

But what about the fit considering they are panties intrinsically crafted for women? Well, in that area, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. And that’s because the fit here is perfect for male anatomy too. The silky fabric offers enough snugness. To gently hug your penis and testicles, thus holding and keeping everything in place.

Then there’s the comfortable coverage the undies provide. Along with the exceptional leg binding that eliminates panty lines. Plus, this Jockey pair consists of legs squared-off for long-hour comfort and full coverage. Now, isn’t that great news given you’ve got a lot to cover down there!

Why buy Jockey’s women-specific panties? It’s because these seamless hip briefs fit as comfortably on men as they do on women. And without the presence of any feminine features! Unless a seamless design accounts as feminine to you!

The only significant drawback is the lack of support. Don’t expect the Jockey Women’s No Panty Line Promise Tactel Hip Briefs to support what you’re endowed with.


  • The fit is seamless, thus invisible through clothing.
  • Jockey means high-quality and durability.
  • Nylon offers comfort and spandex elasticity.


  • They do not support your man parts.

#4 ONEFIT Men’s Nylon Briefs – Another Pair of Best Thongs for Men

ONEFIT Men's Sexy Lingerie Lace T-Back T-String G-string Briefs Knickers Underwear, Blue, Small

Here’s another pair of nylon G-string thongs. Simply because I can’t get over how comfortable they are! The ONEFIT Men’s Nylon Briefs G-String Thongs Lace Underwear are smooth like no other. Also, you won’t be spending too much on them. They’re pretty affordable, yet impressively high-quality.

The main fabric is nylon, which means tons of comfort. Then there’s a little bit of spandex in here as well. This takes care of the stretch in the pouch. The panties move when you move if you know what I mean!

Furthermore, they fit like a glove. The support is unexpected to the mark. If you have a partner, I’m certain he or she is going to love the sexy lace detailing. Along with the snug fit of these G-string panties! In fact, you’ll also appreciate the inclusion of lace. Since lace has the ability to welcome breathability.

If only more men who prefer wearing panties knew about this thong. The ONEFIT Men’s Nylon Briefs G-String Thongs Lace Underwear is a true match. For every man who isn’t afraid to experiment!

Did you ever think that thongs FOR MEN would feel airy and light? If not, his particular pair is bound to change your mind. Additionally, it’s stretchy enough without binding.

It doesn’t matter if you machine-wash or hand-wash the ONEFIT Men’s G-String Thongs Lace Panties. Cause the color fades in either case.


  • Crotch fit is true to size.
  • They are ideal for hot summer days.


  • Color fades, despite hand-washing.

#5 Warner’s Women’s No Pinching No Problem – Another Pair of Best Women Panties for Men

Warner's Women's No Pinches No Problem Cotton Lace Hi-Cut Panty, RICH BLACK, Medium

Having options is always a good thing, isn’t it? So here’s the second best choice of women-specific underwear. That’s also suitable for the male anatomy. It’s the Warner’s Women’s No Pinching No Problem Cotton Lace Hi-Cut Panty. These are the best panties for men because they’re comfortable and well-made.

But what makes them fit FOR MEN? It’s the adequate coverage of the undies. Along with their ability to hold your man anatomy! Plus, the hi-cut panty fits and wears well below clothing. With zero visibility of the panty line, no riding up, and no pinching! It also feels super soft against the skin.

As you can see, there’s a lace waistband. This might seem like a floral design at first. But it doesn’t look so feminine up close. In fact, the pattern isn’t even noticeable once you put on the underwear.

Another thing to point out is that the fabrics involved are cotton and spandex. So there’s no prominent shine of the material to deal with either. The Warner’s Women’s Hi-Cut Panty might be designed for the female demographic. But it can easily pass as men’s underwear too.

To conclude, the pair has no problems in the comfort and fit department. And you can easily wear it even when working out. Isn’t that commendable!

The cotton fabric offers all the stretch you require down there. The waistband is wide enough to prevent digging into the skin. These two components combine to provide an incredibly flattering and relaxed fit.

Whatever the case, these are, after all, women panties. And that too hi-cut hip briefs! Meaning they have no front pouch. And the hi-cut might feel slightly uncomfortable to wear. But this entirely depends on personal preferences.


  • Cotton is a healthy, hygienic fabric choice.
  • Durability is excellent.
  • They are very soft and breathable.


  • There’s no front pouch.
  • The waist is hi-cut, thus can feel uncomfortable.

#6 WINDAY Men Briefs – Best Brief Panties for Men

WINDAY Men Briefs Breathable Ice Silk Boxer Bikinis and Briefs N05

Briefs; the only style that’s common in the underwear department of both genders. Even so, some men would rather wear women’s briefs than men’s. That’s because it’s hard to say no to such options. Like the WINDAY Men Briefs Breathable Ice Silk Boxer Bikinis and Briefs.

They are an excellent transition from your tighty-whities, aren’t they? The current pick is simply perfect for daily wear. It fits like second skin. The side seams of the boxer briefs are very subtle. This means they cause no chafing. The elastic waistband doesn’t roll up either.

As for the much-needed front pouch, it’s well designed. Meaning it offers excellent support. Even the hips look very flattering. Thanks to the proper fit of these WINDAY Men Briefs.

The sizing is accurate. So there’s no need to order for a size up or down. Needless to say, the briefs are extremely light, comfortable, and supportive. And they have the capacity to pack your things up in the most fitting manner.

Simple question; why buy the WINDAY Men Briefs Breathable Ice Silk Boxer Bikinis and Briefs? The answer is equally simple too. Purchase these because they’re everything you’d wish for. Comfortable and lightweight to wear, no matter the occasion.Breathable and spacious enough without being too loose. No matter the size of your male parts!

However, unfortunately, there’s not enough butt coverage. So you have to keep pulling them up throughout the day.


  • The fabric is form-fitting and very stretchy.
  • Reasonable pouch fit.


  • Butt coverage is poor.
  • The material is too silky, hence slippery.

#7 Little Timor Hiding Gaff Panty – Best Panties to Cover/Conceal Male Genitals

Little Timor Hiding Gaff Panty Shaping Pant For Crossdresser (L, Black)

Do you not know what a gaff panty looks like? After reading this review, you’ll know for sure. The Little Timor Hiding Gaff Panty Shaping Pant has a special close-fitting design. The kind that looks exactly like the genitals of a woman! At the same time, the underwear conceals and covers your male parts.

Such an option is the most suitable for cross-dressers and transgenders. But that doesn’t mean you cannot wear them otherwise. You’re free to wear whatever you want. Inside and outside! So let’s embrace the growing trend of the best panties for men.

The Little Timor Hiding Gaff Panty Shaping Pant is everything good. That includes breathable, sexy, soft, and comfortable. It is built using polyester and cotton. So now you know where all the breathability and comfort stems from.

Furthermore, in terms of support, this gaff panty doesn’t disappoint. Along with better results, it also offers super flattering support. To keep you unoccupied with underwear concerns throughout the wear!

Don’t get too caught up with the experimental structure though. Cause the Little Timor Hiding Gaff Panty fits just like any regular underwear. And that’s the most enticing aspect.

When it comes to shaping, these gaff panties are of great help. Particularly under tight clothing! Plus, they’re abundantly comfortable too.

But it goes without saying that the crotch area is a bit too tight. However, if that’s the whole point of buying the Little Timor Hiding Gaff Panty, ignore this setback.


  • There’s enough padding down there for comfort.
  • It tucks away your male parts to show camel toe.
  • Sizing and appearance are accurate.


  • The crotch is too tight.

#8 Starly Women’s Disposable 100% Pure Cotton Underwear – Best Women Tighty-Whities for Men

	 Starly Women's Disposable 100% Pure Cotton Underwear Travel Panties Granny Briefs White (10Pk)(XL)

What you’re looking at here are granny panties, the very comfortable kind. That can accommodate your genitals too! So let’s get to know more. About the Starly Women’s Disposable 100% Pure Cotton Underwear!

The use of high-quality cotton fabric is the best thing. The combed material is skin-friendly, soft, comfortable, and breathable. Along with hypoallergenic and non-irritating! You might also like to know that the crotch area is packed with double layers. For better care and hygiene!

Then comes the waistband. This component is made of seven-core rubber. That feels very comfortable against the skin. As for the elastic band in the leg openings, it’s four-core rubber. And this is what keeps the undies from slipping down or moving around.

Moderate coverage and mid-rise are other decent features you might go for. The Starly Women’s Disposable Pure Cotton Underwear is such that it fits most types of figures. Including that of men!

The fact that they’re granny panties means what? You, as a confident man, can wear them under almost anything. To be fair, don’t they look like your regular male underwear?

They are soft cotton material panties. That is thick enough to not pass as very thin. The elastic is pretty good too. And in my opinion, you need not treat them as disposable. Cause they have the ability to last for longer than a day. If you wash them properly that is.

New underwear isn’t supposed to give off an unpleasant odor. In this case, the smell is very chemical-like. But it’s not something you cannot wash off.


  • Pure cotton is used, meaning high durability.
  • They’re ideal for travel.


  • The smell of chemicals is quite strong.

#9 Qin.Orianna Men’s Hiding Gaff Panty – Another Pair of the Best Panties to Cover/Conceal Male Genitals

Qin.Orianna Men’s Hiding Gaff Panty Shaper Brief for Crossdressing Transgender

As I said, more options always make the decision-making process easier. In that case, here’s another best gaff panty you might go for. The Qin.Orianna Men’s Hiding Gaff Panty Shaper Brief fits perfectly well. But if you wish to conceal better, you’ve got to select one size down. The underwear is remarkably comfortable even then.

The appearance of camel toe looks like a result of nothing but foam. This Gaff Panty Shaper Brief creates the desired female form. While also hiding your male form!

But if what you wish for is a more pronounced camel toe, here’s what you can do. Wear the Qin.Orianna Men’s Hiding Gaff Panty Shaper Brief under tight leggings or pants. This option works best for cross-dressers and transgenders.

It’s a very functional piece of undergarment. The best panties for men are those in which you feel like yourself. You feel confident and comfortable. And that’s exactly the kind of experience you can achieve with these gaff panties. Thanks to the properly designed pouch. That conceals your natural anatomy!

The goal is to flatten as well as hide everything down there. So if that’s what you have in mind, you should definitely choose this shaper brief.

The camel toe design might seem a bit excessive. But if that’s how you wish to roll, then you’re looking at zero flaws.


  • The brief cut is the same as men’s bikini underwear.
  • Front padding offers comfort and confidence.
  • Quality is reliable.


  • Camel toe shape is too pronounced.
  • Side elastic is not smooth enough.

#10 IWEMEK Mens Sexy Lace Boxer Briefs – Best Sissy Pouch Panties for Men

Mens Sexy Lace Boxer Briefs Sissy Pouch Crossdress Panties See-Through Garter Thong G-String Bikini Shorts Underwear

The last on the list are the best panties for men who prefer wearing sissy pouch panties. And if you’re into them too, this is the ultimate option. The IWEMEK Mens Sexy Lace Boxer Briefs Sissy Pouch Crossdress Panties are all lace and polyester.

The see-through sheer mesh floral lace adds a sexy appeal to the undergarment. The underwear is completely backless. With a small bulge pouch in the front! If you don’t understand the structure in words, then feel free to have a look at the picture above.

What’s more is that the panties also feature an attractive garter thong. This stretch garter is attached to the lacy waist.

The cut is desirably low-rise. It’s a crotchless, breathable panty. That jocks your junk in place. And quite comfortably that too!

The manufacturer is IWEMEK. This is a brand that doesn’t compromise on innovation and quality. And their creations like the IWEMEK Mens Sexy Lace Boxer Briefs Sissy Pouch Crossdress Panties are proof.

You’ll be taken aback by the lacy softness. The way it fits over your precious man parts is very remarkable. It’s tight enough to keep your buddies from falling out. Even the fit around the legs and waist is perfect.

They look sexy and masculine all at the same time. “The best of both worlds” is the most suitable way to describe these sissy pouch panties.

But if you’re not big down there, you might not appreciate the fit here. It’s because the belt of the garter is a bit loose for smaller sizes.


  • Front pouch offers ample room.
  • They keep your package well contained.


  • Not a very suitable choice for smaller sizes.

Definitive Guide to Choosing the Best Panties for Men


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It’s not uncommon anymore to find out that some men love wearing women’s panties. In fact, most of these men are heterosexuals and married. It’s just that women undies are very comfortable. Especially when compared to men’s underwear!

But the sad part is that it’s quite difficult picking the best panties for men. Shopping, in this case, seems like an experimental approach. Cause not all men prefer wearing the same style of panties. Some like thongs, some bikini briefs, sissy pouch panties, etc. At the same time, they have material preferences too. Such as lace, cotton, nylon, etc.

So, in this guide, what I’ve decided to do is discuss the most popular choice. In terms of style and material!

The Best Panties for Men – Brief Panties

Full briefs rank as the most suitable design for accommodating everything down there. They provide all the coverage you demand. To keep the affair a modest one! And by that, I mean your private parts don’t sneak out from the bottom. Nor do they poke out from the top and make you feel uncomfortable.

The thing about full brief panties is that they’re not just little pieces of fabric stitched together. I mean if you have a genuine panty fetish, full briefs can satisfy those desires. You get to actually feel the material of the panty against your skin.

Another important point to note here is that women panties offer an incredibly comfortable snug fit. Even though there’s enough loose fabric for your male parts, the general snugness is not lost along the way.

And lastly, full brief panties for men are very hygienic. Cause they have the ability to eliminate sweat, hence germs, harmlessly. This is why thongs are not the best option for men. With sweat build-up and all, the thong experience tends to get quite gross.

Guys Try On Ladies Underwear For The First Time


The Best Material of the Best Panties for Men – Nylon


Photo credit:

The greater part of men who enjoy wearing women’s panties is fond of the nylon fabric. Cause, after all, the material provides a very soft sensation. And this is what feels so good against your skin, doesn’t it?

Also, nylon panties are cost effective. In comparison to other materials like silk that offers the same feel.

One Most Commonly Asked Question about the Best Panties for Men

What Are the Best Panties for Men in the Sissy Style?

There’s no denying that the choice of the best panties for men is subjective. The pair you buy entirely depends on your personal taste. It’s obviously exciting to put on underwear designed for women. Shiny, soft fabrics like lace, satin, silk, etc. do indeed look stunning. And in terms of appearance, some men prefer wearing red panties as well.

Then there are see-through numbers too that feel very sexy. Likewise, a few styles also reveal the buttocks. This is why thongs and G-strings are quite popular too. Along the same line, there are the sissy pouch panties. Such undies consist of a narrow, thin strip. That travels between your butt cheeks. Exposing your entire rear region!

The design also features a special front pouch for your package. This pouch is constructed with elastic fabric, which means it’s exceedingly comfortable. And that’s all there is to know about the sissy style.

The Wrap-Up

It goes without saying that, in the end, you’ll choose the best panties for men. That you think feel totally comfortable to wear! Now, these might be cotton brief or lacy sissy pouch panties.

Whatever you pick, just make sure you feel great in them. And when it comes to feeling all this superior comfort, here’s an exceptional option. It’s the WINDAY Men Briefs Breathable Ice Silk Triangle Bikinis and Briefs.

Now let me tell you once again why these are the best panties for men. For starters, they don’t make you feel like you’re wearing anything at all down there. The panties are incredibly comfy. Particularly if you already love to wear low-rise underwear!

Excellent quality and material is another very important reason. Since not all panties are designed to last for a long time. And if you’re worried about stretch, eliminate those concerns as well. Cause the WINDAY Men Briefs to move with your body. They stretch, especially in the front pouch region, so well you’ll have no complaints.

And here’s the most impressive aspect. You can wear these for a workout too. I mean the use of nylon fabric paves the way for moisture and sweat elimination. The material does away with sweat in the most efficient manner. So think of these as very functional exercise and daily wear panties.

That’s all there is to know about them. And about the topic of men wearing panties!

I have reviewed 10 products. So you can pick one based on the style you prefer wearing. The options are pretty diverse. I’m sure there’s something for everybody in here.

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