The Best Underwear for Well-Endowed Men – Top 20 Reviews

Best Underwear for Well-Endowed Men

Only well-endowed men can understand the struggle of finding the best underwear. The majority of underwear is designed for the average penis. But the truth of the matter is that your size is ABOVE AVERAGE. In that case, no need to overstuff and cramp your allowance into a tiny pair of undies anymore. Here are top 20 reviews of the best underwear for well-endowed men.

Before I start reviewing, I want to make one thing very clear. There are many different types of men’s underwear. Out of these, boxer briefs and briefs rank as the most suitable for a large bounty. So expect just the two styles below.


Best Underwear for Well-Endowed Men: Top 10 Reviews and Comparisons


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David Archy Men's 4 Pack Underwear Micro Modal Separate Pouches Trunks With Fly (M, Black)

Here’s the first pick of the top 20 underwear for well-endowed men. It’s the David Archy Micro Modal Separate Pouches Underwear. It offers more than just a lot of space for your large goodie.

The undies feature a separate pouch. So your well-endowed personal area rests separately and comfortably. The pouch sets up a nice dry environment too.

Then let me highlight the breathable panels that allow airflow. This means no sticking problems and embarrassing adjustments to deal with.

The best part here is that the underwear is quite popular among men who perform sports activities. And even among those that remain seated for long periods of time.

In all, daily wear is possible. And so is fitting all your stuff in here. Without any discomfort that too!

#2 ExOfficio Give-n-go Boxer Brief – Best Anti-Chafing Underwear

ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Brief, Charcoal, Medium

Sometimes being able to accommodate your man parts isn’t enough. Yes, you do need the best underwear for well-endowed men. But it’s also important to buy a pair that does away with the problem of chafing. This is when options like the ExOfficio Give-n-go Boxer Brief matter a great deal.

Its antimicrobial properties reduce fabric odor. Its breathable mesh enables ventilation. Its comfortable waistband resists stretching. And it maintains the original shape.

Moreover, its easy-care material means washing the underwear is no hassle either. No wonder the ExOfficio Boxer Brief is a perfect pick for adventurers, travelers, and the like.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Underwear – Alaska to Argentina


#3 Adidas Men’s Sport Performance – Best Performance Underwear

adidas Men's Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Briefs Underwear (2-Pack), Black, Medium/Waist Size 32-34

For performance-driven activities, look no further than this. The Adidas Sport Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear ranks as the best option. Cause it’s engineered for keeping you cool and dry.

The polyester is breathable, lightweight, and soft. And it’s packed with Climalite moisture management technology.

The undies have also got non-chafing seams and generous amounts of pouch space. The latter is double-layered for added support.

It’ll be impossible for you to not recommend these. To your fellow male runners or workout enthusiasts!

#4 Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Body Modal Boxer Briefs – Best Durable Underwear

Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Body Modal Boxer Briefs, Black, X-Large

If you’re going to buy this, buy it for the high-quality appeal. It’s Calvin Klein after all.

The Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs consist of a flattering contoured center pouch. Combine this with the extremely comfortable and soft waistband. And you get an unparalleled underwear experience.

#5 Hanes Ultimate Men’s 5-Pack Boxer Brief – Best Underwear for Daily Use

Hanes Ultimate Men's 5-Pack Boxer Brief-Colors May Vary, Black/Grey, Medium

Yes, it’s true that you’re well-endowed. It’s also true that you demand underwear specifically designed to fit in everything. But don’t leave out all-day comfort along the way. Remember to take into consideration the Hanes Ultimate Boxer Brief.

The waistband here causes no binding and pinching. But that’s not the most tempting aspect. The star of the show is the super-soft cotton fabric. And closing in on that is the no-ride-up leg bands.

It goes without saying that you’re looking at the best undies for everyday wear.

#6 KAYIZU Brand Men’s Underwear – Best Underwear with an Open Fly

KAYIZU Brand Men's Underwear,Ultimate Soft Cotton Boxer Brief (6-Pack) XX-Large

With an open fly structure, you get more crotch area. So your guys can breathe freely. And that’s the reason to buy the KAYIZU Brand Underwear Ultimate Soft Cotton Boxer Brief. That and it’s excellent quality.

The moisture-wicking action is also another major positive takeaway. Even for athletic use, this pair is better than average.

#7 Essential Cotton Contour Pouch Brief – Best Cotton Underwear

Essential Cotton 3 Pack Contour Pouch Brief

Are you a cotton-undies type of guy? If yes, the Essential Cotton Contour Pouch Brief is the one for you. It’s got seamless back and sides with a low, hip-rise profile.

But it’s the contoured pouch that speaks volumes. This pouch is positioned properly. To keep your well-endowed bits nicely tucked in. Even when performing powerful leg movements!

Everything lives up to your expectation. Without a doubt!

#8 Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear – Best Low-Rise Underwear

Calvin Klein Men's Underwear Cotton Classics 4 Pack Low Rise Briefs, Black, Large

Being well-endowed means having to deal with underwear that’s either too high or too small. So it’s time to do away with such worries. With the Calvin Klein Cotton Classics Low Rise Briefs.

They’re all cotton, which means abundant breathability. Sizing is accurate too. And in terms of support, the front of the pair is more than just accommodating. No more strangling your gentleman area that means!

#9 Fruit of the Loom Men’s Assorted Fashion Brief – Best Affordable Underwear

	 Fruit of the Loom Men's Fashion Brief (Pack of 6), Solids, X-Large

What you’re looking at here is a pack of 6. The Fruit of the Loom Assorted Fashion Brief is a budget-friendly option. With a quality that surpasses expectations!

The cotton material used is soft and of the highest quality. The fit is quite comfortable too. Thanks to the wide waistband. That doesn’t roll down or bind by the way.

And as for accommodation, it is a brief after all. So it offers enough breathing room and resting space.

#10 Amazon Essentials Men’s 7-Pack Tag-Free Briefs – Best Tag-Free Underwear

Amazon Essentials Men's 7-Pack Tag-Free Briefs, Black/Heather Grey, Medium

Do you prefer no tags on your underwear? Then do consider buying the Amazon Essentials Tag-Free Briefs. For that reason and another! The latter is the ability of the undies to provide everyday comfort. And that it does by fitting in your heavy baggage.

What’s more? The pair is perfect for practical use. Cause it doesn’t bunch up. Not only do the briefs stay in place. But they also keep your precious stuff in place.

Plus, the softest cotton fabric feels very comfortable and smooth against the skin. You pay little, but you get a lot.

#11 Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs – Best Calvin Klein Underwear

Calvin Klein Men's 3-Pack Classic Boxer Brief Black,Grey Black PinStripe,LG

As you can see, I have listed more than one Calvin Klein pair. So to avoid confusion, here’s the best Calvin Klein underwear. It’s the Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs. Since they’re just briefs, I can safely declare that they welcome your well-endowed genitalia.

But what makes them unique is their ability to conform to the natural shape of your man area. And they remain like this throughout the day or workout activity.

Moreover, the band is soft and material stretchy. In all, it’s a good choice if these important factors matter to you.

#12 Gildan Men’s Briefs – Best Underwear Multipack

Gildan Men's Brief 6-Pack Underwear, Grey/ Black, Medium

This is not the first multipack I’m reviewing. But it’s definitely the best one! The Gildan Briefs might just become your next go-to underwear. And why not when they offer no stiffness! And no riding up discomfort either!

Moreover, these briefs have an excellent moisture-wicking capacity. The waistband is non-binding. And the legs are constructed using a blend of cotton and spandex. This means they provide stay-put comfort.

You buy it once, and you’ll be reaching for it always. That’s for certain!

#13 Calvin Klein Men’s Iron Strength Micro Boxer Brief – Best Fitted Underwear

Calvin Klein appears once again. This time it’s the Calvin Klein Iron Strength Micro Boxer Brief. Specifically designed for well-endowed men! And how do I know this? It’s because of the inclusion of the contoured pouch.

What’s also worth noting is the shape-holding capacity. So fit and form are not a disappointment.

#14 Obviously Original AnatoMAX Boxer Brief – Best Underwear with Longer Legs

Obviously - Original - AnatoMAX - Boxer Brief 9 inch Leg (Medium, Black)

If you want a pair with a longer leg design, you’ve hit the jackpot. The Obviously Original AnatoMAX Boxer Brief is well-engineered for your well-endowed bits. The pouch size is the brand’s largest ever.

It’s the most comfortable to suit your high standards and expectations. There’s no chafing. There’s a lot of comforts. In the pouch and elsewhere! You don’t need to worry about the fit either. Just go for it!

#15 Under Armour Men’s Original Series – Best Underwear

Under Armour Men's Original Series 3” Boxerjock, Black/Red, Large

What does the Under Armour Original Series Boxerjock have that the others don’t? The four-way stretch fabric. The anti-odor technology.The performance waistband. And the HeatGear material for breathability.

And what does the Under Armour Original Series Boxerjock have in common with the others? The capacity to tuck in your well-endowed luggage comfortably!

#16 Hanes Men’s 8-Pack X-Temp Low Rise – Best Brief Underwear for Exercise

Hanes Men's 8-Pack X-Temp Low Rise Sport Briefs, Assorted, Medium

You don’t like wearing boxer briefs for your workout sessions. Not a problem. As long as there are options like the Hanes X-Temp Low Rise Sport Briefs.

They are armed with the exclusive X-Temp technology. What this does is adapt the undies to your activity and temperature. The roomy pair is an ideal choice for daily wear too.

Plus, the underwear is ultra-lightweight and fast-wicking.

#17 Hanes Ultimate Men’s Comfort – Best Underwear with Rounded Pouch

Hanes Ultimate Men's Comfort Flex Fit Ultra Soft Cotton Modal Blend Boxer Brief 4-Pack, Black/Gray, Large

Now here’s the best Hanes underwear for your large paraphernalia. It’s the Hanes Ultimate Comfort Flex Fit Ultra Soft Cotton Modal Blend Boxer Brief.

It’s the highlight of the top 20 underwear for well-endowed men. Cause it features a properly-engineered rounded pouch. For support and with extra room!

As for the flexible fit, cotton stretch takes care of that. Additionally, the tag is absent. And what’s present is a decent moisture-wicking capacity.

All factors are pretty much covered if you ask me.

#18 2(X)IST Men’s Electric No Show Brief – Best No-Show Underwear

2(X)IST Men's Electric No-Show Brief, White, Medium

Fortunately, for you, the waistband here is a no-show. That’s the beauty of the 2(X)IST Electric Brief. That and its performance-enhancing blend of spandex and nylon.

Don’t stress about accommodation either. Cause the contoured pouch is perfect. For the support, comfort, and boost your demand down there.

#19 Emporio Armani Men’s Cotton Stretch Brief – Best Luxury Underwear

Emporio Armani Men's Cotton Stetch Brief, White, Medium

Looking for a classic brief pattern? Enter the Emporio Armani Cotton Stretch Brief. Its stretch quality of the cotton fabrication offers a comfortable fit.

But I know you’re going to the buy this pair for its luxurious waistband detailing.

However, practically speaking, the undies are perfect in all aspects. The fit is excellent, without jeopardizing circulation. Comfort and support are also very much present. It’s the ultimate extravagant option.

#20 Naked Men’s Active Boxer Brief – Best Underwear for Heavy or Long Workout

Naked Men's Active Boxer Brief, Charcoal, Small

There’s no denying that this pair is perfect for strenuous physical movements. Thanks to its ability to not cause chafing. The Naked Active Boxer Brief offers an athletic fit. And so does the smoothly contoured pouch.

But it’s the microfiber fabric that makes the most impact. Cause it brings forth unlimited mobility.

Final Words


This brings me to the end of the top 20 underwear for well-endowed men.

Just keep in mind that some factors are more important than the others. Such as a comfy, spacious fit matters more than how the underwear looks. So keep that in mind when deciding what to pick. From the top 20 underwear for well-endowed men!

Now here’s a fun video about the 5 things you might not know about your body:

5 Things Men Should Know About Their Bodies


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