DeWalt DW735 vs. DW735X (What is The Best Benchtop Planer?)

DW735 vs. DW735X

Wood planers are handy tools when it comes to reducing the thickness and smoothing rough surfaces. Natural flaws are a part of woodworking projects, aren’t they? But so should be a high-quality finish. This means creating even, smooth cuts. And for that, the debate of DeWalt DW735 vs. DW735X is an important one to settle.

If you’re a woodworking enthusiast, you’ll enjoy using benchtop planers. They are lightweight, compact, and incredibly versatile in terms of functionality.

Keeping all this in mind, DeWalt offers two very efficient power tools. Namely the DeWalt DW735 and DeWalt DW735X. So let’s find out what each has to offer. And then move on to the comparison part.

DEWALT DW735 13-Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer


DEWALT DW735X Two-Speed Thickness Planer Package, 13-Inch


DEWALT DW735 13-Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer

The DeWalt DW735 Planer is an ideal option for professional carpenters and DIY lovers. The unit weighs 90 pounds. Meaning it’s not such a heavyweight disaster. The planer is plenty portable if you ask me. Unlike most other power tools!

The modest, simple design is intuitive and user-friendly. So if you’re a beginner, you have no reason to worry about using it.

As for the features, it’s time to get to know the important ones. There’s a powerful 20,000-RPM, 15-Amp motor. It has the capacity to make deeper, cleaner cuts. Thanks to the 13 inches DW735 blades as well. This is what makes working through harder wood like oak much easier.

The lifespan of the knife is around 30% longer. Plus, you get access to three knives on the cutting board. Changing them is also very easy and quick.

The two speeds included are 96 and 179 cuts every inch. The former is to dimension materials. And the latter is for achieving a well-polished, finer finish.

Moreover, the planer’s motorized fan breaks down all the debris coming out its cutter head. And then blows it all into the dust shrouds. There are two of them by the way. One is for dispersing the wood chips onto the floor. And the other shroud connects to the dust collector or vacuum hose.

What about additional outfeed/infeed tables? There aren’t any here. But the base holding capacity is quite large already. On top of that, you can also make depth adjustments very easily. The tool’s turret depth allows you to use the DW735 planer at the common depth. This saves a lot of time on your part.

And since I’m talking about convenience, here’s another thing you should know. The DW735 features a four-carriage lock. That minimizes potential movement, which prevents user fatigue and material damage.

To sum it up, the DeWaltDW735 Planer is perfect for light and medium-level tasks.

DeWalt DW735X 13-Inch Two-Speed Thickness Planer

	 DEWALT DW735X Two-Speed Thickness Planer Package, 13-Inch

Now there’s a lot in common between the DW735 and DW735X. This is what simplifies the debate between DW735 vs. DW735X. The DeWalt 735X Planer also features 13-inch blades. But it’s heavier in terms of weight (105 pounds).

The powerful motor is the same though; 20,000 RPM and 15 Amp. Strong enough to make cleaner, larger, and deeper cuts. On all types of wood materials!

The cutter head has three knives with a 30% longer lifespan. Much like the DeWalt DW735. But here’s something the latter doesn’t include. And that is extra knives. The DW735X comes with an additional set. This is what every DW735X review doesn’t fail to highlight.

As for the chip ejection mechanism, it’s fan-assisted. So your working environment remains clean and dust-free. This model too offers two-speed options; 96 CPI and 179 CPI.

The drop feed capacity of the outfeed/infeed tables is 14 feet per minute. This is more than enough for a smooth operation.

So it goes without saying that the DeWalt DW735X is the best planer package. With many versatile features!

DEWALT – Guaranteed Tough since 1924


DeWalt DW735 vs. DW735X – Comparison

DeWalt DW735 13-Inch Two Speed Thickness Planer

DeWalt DW735X 13-Inch Two-Speed Thickness Planer

Motor Capacity

20,000 RPM

20,000 RPM

Blade Length

13 inches

13 inches

Speed Options

96 CPI and 179 CPI

96 CPI and 179 CPI


90 pounds

105 pounds

Outfeed/Infeed Tables



Extra Knives



Carriage Lock



Chip Ejector



What is the most important aspect of a wood planer? It’s the quality of snipe and cut, unquestionably. So when dealing with the topic of DeWalt DW735 vs. DW735X, I’m going to focus on that factor the most.

Even though there are many overlapping features, the differences are worth noting. The former includes 15-Amp motor, 20,000 RPM, 3-knives cutter head, and more.

DeWalt-DW735-vs-DW735X (1)

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1. Blades

 DEWALT DW735X Two-Speed Thickness Planer Package, 13-Inch

By blades here, I mean additional blades. Only the DeWalt DW735X offers extra blades. For when the existing ones become dull with time!

However, the shelf life of both the DW735X and DW735 blades is 30% longer. So you don’t need to worry about durability. Even so, replacement blades are always a good thing to have at your disposal. Only an enthusiast or professional woodworker can understand this.

2. Outfeed/Infeed Tables

 DEWALT DW735 13-Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer

The DW735X package includes detachable outfeed/infeed tables. Each table length is 13 inches. On top of the nearly 19.5-inch base that is. If you’re a beginner, this type of convenience goes a long way. Along with the additional disposable blades that the DW735X comes with!

As for the DeWalt DW735, it doesn’t have any attachable tables. But the unit’s already long base provides enough stability and room. As compared to benchtop planers with a smaller base!

3. Weight

One is 90 pounds and the other 105 pounds. The latter is the DeWalt DW735X Planer Package. And the former is the DeWalt DW735 Planer. So when talking about portability, the DW735 is a more suitable choice.

But don’t forget that a heavier tool implies higher stability on the workbench.

4. Lock Mechanism (common feature, not a point of difference)

It’s necessary to keep the working board locked down on the planer’s base table. With that in mind, the DW735X has an automated locking system. This digitally measures the board height. To keep the board locked down during the application!

When you wish to minimize snipe, it’s important to lock the stock. Otherwise, manual work becomes a bit too much to carry out.

As for the DW735 locking mechanism, it’s pretty much the same.

I know that this is not really a difference between the two DeWalt creations. But the similarity of the locking system here is worth noting.

DeWalt DW735 vs. DW735X – Bottom Line

Is new really better? In the case of DeWalt DW735 vs. DW735X, the latter is definitely superior. Cause it comes with outfeed/infeed tables and extra knives. It may be a heavier planer than the DW735. But that just means it prevents bothersome, excessive vibrations.

However, the DeWalt DW734 is also a good option. But only if you want to use it for small-scale applications.

I hope now you can make a more well-informed decision.

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