Is Pomade Bad for Hair? (Need to Know Basics)

Is Pomade Bad for Hair

Is pomade bad for hair? Is pomade worthy of your attention? Pomade is used to style men’s hair. It is easy to use a styling product for all hair types. It allows you to create and experiment with basic to professional styles.

Now, pomade has both a good reputation and bad. It also depends on the amount of pomade you use. But let this article be the eye-opener you’ve been hoping for.

But here’s something before I dive right into the science of pomade. Many of you want to know what makes pomade so great and essential. Right?

How To Use Pomade The Right Way


Is Pomade Bad for Hair? – The Basics

There are two types of pomade. The first is oil-based and the second water-based pomade. Between the two, oil-based pomade is the more traditional choice. And the water-based pomade is universally popular.

Oil-Based Pomade


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Oil-based pomade is costlier to buy. Its expensive price tag makes it shinier and greasier to apply. This means oil-based pomade is stronger to hold.

Unlike water-based pomade, oil-based is harder to wash off. If you use shampoo, it’s easier to remove. This gives your hair a long-lasting look.

Water-Based Pomade


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In water-based pomade, it’s easier to wash and lightweight. People generally used water-based pomade for its light and flexible texture. You can do many different hairstyles from slick to messy looks with water-based pomade.

Is Pomade Bad for Hair? 

Change is good. But a drastic change can also lead to drastic effects. You’re switching to pomade from just about any hair product? Then you need to give your hair some time to adapt and cope.

Your scalp may not be used to the chemicals and texture of pomade. So don’t apply too much too fast. Chances are your scalp may become sensitive to the oils present in the pomade.

So does this make pomade good or bad? Is pomade bad for hair?

The answer depends on your scalp type.

Pomade acts as a natural conditioner and grease. It doesn’t cause an allergic reaction unless you’re directly allergic to what’s in it. So it’s always good to read the ingredients label before buying any pomade.

Secondly, if anything, pomade makes your scalp oily. It adds to the natural oils of your scalp. So, at first, you might sense an extra sticky texture to your hair. There is an entire process to this that I will explain below.

When you apply pomade to your hair. Your scalp reacts to the extra texture by secreting more natural oils. This gives you an excessively oily scalp. But this is not a bad thing.

Do you wash your hair regularly after applying pomade? If so, give your scalp a while toget used to the new hair product. With time, you get a balanced scalp that’s not too dry or oily.

Groom Your Hair Regularly


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I cannot stress this enough. But combing our hair is very important once you start applying pomade regularly. Combing has many benefits such as it boosts blood circulation. This keeps your hair healthy and away from damage.

Hair loss is a common phenomenon among men and women. Studies suggest that, on average, we lose 100 strands of hair in a day.

But does pomade, specifically cause hair loss? No, it does not.

Are you allergic to certain ingredients in the pomade? These include oil and water-based pomade. It can cause hair loss, scalp irritation, and dryness.

Dealing with Acne


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Let’s get a bit more specific about this. What if you get acne because of pomade? Pomade is something you put on your hair to style it. But if it gets on your face, you need to wipe it immediately.

Pomade contains mineral oils that clog pores. This restricts the skin from breathing correctly. And that leads to breakouts without you even realizing it.

Apply pomade on your hair. Then use a wet towel to wipe your forehead, face, and neck. This is a simple and effective way to do away with acne when you don’t need it.

Always Be Aware of the Ingredients


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Is pomade bad for hair? Everybody is asking this question. There’s only one good way to find out. And that is by looking at its ingredients list.

Many hair pomades contain high amounts of alcohol. It’s what makes the texture of pomade smooth. But alcohol can cause hair loss, hair thinning, and dryness. Make sure you choose pomade with less alcohol. Or, if possible, no alcohol at all.

Other ingredients such as sulfate, ammonium lauryl, and silicones are chemicals. They may damage your hair if you have sensitive hair.

The only way to counter these ingredients is to use water-based pomade. Such ingredients are generally present in petroleum and oil-based pomade. If you use water-based, you eliminate most of the trouble away!


Now, I hope, you have a clear answer to the question. Is pomade bad for hair? What’s your next step?

Is it to buy the best hair pomade right away? Or do you want to look for natural alternatives that keep your hair healthy and happy?

Styling with pomade is a popular trend. You can do all sorts of hairstyles yourself but in the most professional manner. You only have to use a little bit of pomade each time. And you’re good to go!

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