The 20 Best Jockstrap for Vasectomy You’ll Find The Most Supportive


One of the most effective tips on how to survive a vasectomy is wearing supportive underwear. To be more specific, it’s wearing the best vasectomy jockstrap.

The thing about jockstraps is that they feature a harness. That minimizes the tension in your spermatic cords. These cords run to your testicles and they contain your vas deferens. A pair of jockstraps also reduces excessive pressure surrounding the tissues. It also helps with your blood supply in the testicles.

Just make sure that you place a post-vasectomy bandage below your underwear. This offers more support that you’ll definitely need. And also, change the underwear on a daily basis.

Jockstrap for Vasectomy: Top 20 Choices


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Here’s a quick comparison table. And below that, you’ll find the reviews section. So please read through it all!


Our Rating


Sold as


Top Pick




Nylon and spandex



Polyester, spandex, and nylon



Polyester, spandex, and rubber



Polyester and spandex



Cotton and spandex



Nylon and spandex









Chinlon and spandex



Nylon, polyester, rubber, and cotton



Polyester and natural latex



Polyester and spandex



Polyester and spandex



Polyester and spandex



Polyester and latex












Fibre and spandex


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#1 Papi Men’s 3-Pack Cotton Jock Strap – Top Pick

Papi Men's 3-Pack Cotton Jock Strap , Black/Charcoal/Heather Grey, Large

The best jockstrap after surgery is none other than the PapiCotton Jock Strap. The waist is low-rise. And the material used is premium, pure cotton.

But what makes this 3-pack perfect? It’s the combination of soft straps and heat transfer technology. The former offers a hold that doesn’t feel too tight. And the latter is installed in the waistband. To keep the experience smooth and irritation-free! This is important post-vasectomy, isn’t it?

Apart from that, the support and fit factors are also quite remarkable. Both perform well when it comes to providing comfort that’s long-lasting.

Also, let’s not forget, the rib pouch is plenty roomy. And the jockstrap is double layered using center seam. This gives it a sturdier construction plus more discretion in terms of appearance.

So you have enough reasons to try this 3-pack. And to love it!

#2 Summer Code Mens Jockstrap Sexy Jock Strap Underwear

Summer Code Mens Jockstrap Sexy Jock Strap Underwear Athletic Supporter for Men

The second-best option is the Summer Code Mens Jockstrap Sexy Jock Strap Underwear. And it’s a very popular one for those who prioritize breathability.

The decision of using nylon and spandex is wise. Cause the former is lightweight and strong. While the latter is responsible for all the comfortable stretch. But there’s also micro mesh included. This is what brings much-needed ventilation into the scene. (Vasectomy Recovery)

All four undies are incredibly comfy to wear. They hold everything down there in place. You can wear them on a daily basis and not worry about functionality. After all, they are athletic supporters for men.

#3 Shock Doctor Core Jock Strap Supporter

Shock Doctor Core Supporter BioFlex Cup, Adult , Large, White

Here’s the best jockstrap for vasectomy that’s also the best jockstrap for sports. The pair consists of four-way stretch and comfort waistband. So the fit aspect is pretty much covered.

What’s unique is the completely vented cup panel in the front. It’s built using breathable mesh to enable maximum airflow. Plus, the well-designed cup pocket makes room for convenient cup removal. Whenever you want to wash the protective BioFlex cup!

Your vasectomy certainly deserves this kind of treatment, doesn’t it?

#4 Duke Athletic Supporter

Duke Pro Athletic Supporter,White,Medium / 32-38

This is undoubtedly an exceptional athletic supporter. It’s known for providing superior comfort, durability, and strength. But what makes it the best jockstrap after surgery is the open-knit, super-soft pouch. And also the 1-inch leg bands that offer a very comfortable fit.

Furthermore, the pair is equipped with high-strength elastic and plush backing. Post-vasectomy, this kind of support is quite crucial.

And to top it off, the undies are shrink-resistant. Meaning they maintain their original shape even after multiple washes. Nothing is going to get tight down there is what I’m trying to say.

#5 Starter Men’s Jockstrap with Optional Cup Pocket

Starter Men's Jockstrap with Optional Cup Pocket, Amazon Exclusive, White, Medium

Why is this the best jockstrap for vasectomy? The Starter Men’s Jockstrap contains many surgery-friendly features. Like the cushioned waistband and stretch-star material. The latter, in particular, is the most useful. As it opens the door wide open to enhanced recovery and movement. (Study: Sex after Vasectomy)

The fabric also keeps your post-vasectomy junk dry and cool throughout the day. So now you know what to buy for some special treatment. With an additional cup pocket!

#6 Papi Men’s 3-Pack Cotton Stretch Jock Strap

papi Men's 3-Pack Cotton Stretch Jock Strap, Red/Grey/Black Large

What makes this 3-pack different from the Papi 3-pack reviewed earlier? The current PapiCotton Stretch Jock Strap is made of not just cotton but spandex too. That means more comfort stretch. In fact, it’s a four-way stretch for better movement as well as healing.

The contoured pouch is well-made and so very comfortable. You can wear the underwear all day and forget that you’re wearing anything at all. This kind of experience is much-valued post-vasectomy, isn’t it?

#7 Summer Code Men’s Athletic Supporter Performance Jockstrap

Summer Code Men's Athletic Supporter Performance Jockstrap Elastic Waistband Underwear

The blend of nylon and spandex is extremely comfortable for post-surgery support. That’s the beauty of the Summer Code Men’s Athletic Supporter Performance Jockstrap. It’s very elastic and soft, meaning comfy to wear even for long hours.

The front pouch offers an ideal snug fit. The underwear keeps everything away from the thighs to prevent chafing. No wonder men who run a lot prefer wearing this performance jockstrap.

#8 Shock Doctor Athletic Supporter Jockstrap

Shock Doctor Men's Supporter with Cup Pocket, White, Large

There are many features packed in here that you might appreciate. First is the comfortable and secure fit for all types of movements. Second is the extra support and ventilation. Thanks to the mesh-equipped cup pocket.

Then comes the high-quality construction with 4-way stretch. Along with comfort waistband and cup-holding/retention straps!

Here’s what the Shock Doctor Athletic Supporter Jockstrap also does. It quickly wicks away unpleasant odor. Full points are what this all-polyester pair gets if you ask me.

#9 C-in2 Men’s Core Basic Jock

C-IN2 Men's Core Basic Jock, Black, X-Small

The brand at hand manufactures only premium quality underwear in different shapes. Even when it comes to pouch support, the range is quite diverse. So the C-in2 Men’s Core Basic Jock is nothing but a genuine delight.

This pair of jockstrap undies is ideal for post-vasectomy. Cause it’s structured using pure Pima cotton. So quality and comfort are high up there.

At the same time, the core strength supports you in all the right places just when you need it. Plus, the underwear looks very appealing too.

#10 ANUN Men’s Mesh Low-Rise Jock Strap

ANUN Men's Mesh Low-Rise Jock Strap (M, Black)

Why should you pick the ANUN Men’s Mesh Low-Rise Jock Strap? I mean what makes it the best jockstrap for vasectomy?

Well, to be completely honest with you, the fabric employed here is different. It’s not like ordinary nylon. Chinlon is smoother, denser, and softer. So there’s absolutely no doubt this is the perfect pair for your post-surgery recovery period.

#11 Gym Old School Jockstrap

Gym Old School Jockstrap (Large, White)

Now this one’s the best pair for well-endowed fellas! The Gym Old School Jockstrap is the perfect size for your large stick. Post-vasectomy, support is very important. And these undies bring forth tons of that.

Movement during wear isn’t restricted in any way either. But that doesn’t mean your phallus is free to move. It remains comfortably locked down if that’s what you’re wondering.

Combine all this with a discreet profile. And you can eliminate all important concerns.

#12 GOLDBERG G Athletic Supporter

GOLBERG G Athletic Supporter - Waistband Contoured for Comfort - Active White Color - Multiple Sizes

The GOLDBERG G Athletic Supporter resists shrinking. The underwear is specifically engineered to not shrink. Isn’t that amazing? This means the comfortable original fit remains intact throughout.

There’s the breathable and soft knit pouch. It’s what adds extra support to the whole experience.

The contoured waistband is 3 inches, wide enough for ultimate comfort. And the 1-inch leg bands prevent binding and twisting. This, unquestionably, is a next-level athletic supporter.

#13 F Plus R Mens Strip Waistband Athletic Supporter Jockstrap

F plus R Mens Strip Waistband Athletic Supporter Jockstrap Sexy Swimwear Red Medium

The slightly contoured shape of this Athletic Supporter Jockstrap is the most appealing. Because it tends to make your package look enhanced. It even keeps you comfortable, meaning the pair isn’t too tight to wear.

But you might value the wide waistband the most. As it stays put without digging into your skin. No marks either.

These are very supportive even if you’re well-endowed. And that says a lot about functionality, doesn’t it?

#14 GOLDBERG Athletic Supporter

	 GOLBERG Athletic Supporter (2 Pack)

Here’s the older version of the previous GOLDBERG athletic supporter I reviewed. This one’s the GOLDBERG Athletic Supporter. Without the G! However, the performance is much the same, in my opinion.

This pair enhances your mobility while also providing the necessary support. The minimalist design consists of top quality material for durability. The mesh pouch has quick drying properties. And the waistband is also comfortable to avoid any irritation post-vasectomy. (Frequently Asked Questions about Vasectomy)

#15 MuscleMate Hot Men’s Jockstrap

MuscleMate Hot Men's Jockstrap, No Visible Lines, Butt-Flaunting Men's Thong Jockstrap Underwear (M, Blue)

If you want a pair that feels good and looks good too, here it is. The MuscleMate jockstrap is an ordinary yet very comfortable post-surgery solution. It’s made of decent quality polyester and spandex.

There’s enough room for breathability as well. And chances are you might find the fit the most praiseworthy aspect. This best jockstrap for vasectomy hugs you in all the right spots. And that’s what matters the most.

#16 McDavid Jockstrap Athletic Supporter

McDavid 3110 Classic Two Pack Athletic Supporter, Black, Large

The classic and minimalist structure of the McDavid jockstrap is hard to ignore. The underwear has a wide, woven elastic waistband. It’s well equipped to offer tons of support and comfort. That’s for sure.

Also important to highlight is the stretch mesh material pouch. It has quick drying properties you’ll definitely appreciate during wear.

No doubt, these undies help with healing post-vasectomy. In fact, they support you down there even when light bumps occur.

#17 2(X)IST Men’s Cotton Stretch Jock Strap Multipack

2(x)ist Men's 3-Pack Cotton Stretch Jock Strap,Eclipse/Lead/Dazzling Blue,Medium

Cotton promotes ultimate comfort plus air flow. And that’s why you should consider buying the 2(X)IST Men’s Cotton Stretch Jock Strap. Its contoured pouch is very useful for day-long support.

You’ll be relieved to know that the rear straps also rank high in terms of support. On top of that, the sides and back are seamless. Combine all this with the contoured pouch. And you’ve got the best jockstrap for vasectomy.

#18 KD Willmax T-Plus Jockstrap Gym Cotton Supporter

KD Willmax T-Plus Jockstrap Gym Cotton Supporter Grey Medium Cup Pocket Athletic Fit Fashionable Straps Brief Multi Sport Underwear Soft Underpants

The KD Willmax T-Plus Jockstrap Gym Cotton Supporter works for everything. Post-vasectomy, fitness activities, and daily wear.

The cotton pouch is great for providing incredible support down there. And the leg straps and waistband are abundantly sturdy. To bring more comfort into the picture.

Let me tell you that this pair keeps your sensitive areas from feeling an excessive strain. So there’s no need to worry about that at all.

#19 Binmer(TM) Mens Hot Sexy Jockstrap Underwear

Binmer(TM) Mens Hot Sexy Jockstrap Underwear Boxer Brief Shorts Underpants (S, White)

Now this one’s perfect for men with an average or less than average junk. It’s the Binmer(TM) Mens Hot Sexy Jockstrap Underwear. It doesn’t have any excess fabric is what I mean to say.

But that’s not the only highlight of the show. What makes it worthy on this list is the remarkable support pouch/area. The fit here is comfortably snug for post-vasectomy recovery.

Here are the other features that make an impact. The waistband and strap design around your buttocks and thighs.

#20 MuscleMate Premium Men’s Jockstrap Hot Thong Underwear

MuscleMate Premium Men's Jockstrap Men's Hot Thong Underwear Low Raise, Comfort, (M, White)

If the last pick on the list is capable of delivering good amounts of support, you’ve certainly hit the jackpot. I’m praising the MuscleMate Premium Men’s Jockstrap Hot Thong Underwear.

The undies feel very soft and smooth against the skin. And this counts when you want nothing but comfort post-surgery.

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So now you what is the best jockstrap for vasectomy!

You have as many as 20 great options to try. Wearing jockstrap for vasectomy is the most comfortable thing to do. But it’s important to choose a pair that fits and supports well. No matter the bumps along the way!

Keeping that in mind, go for the Papi Men’s 3-Pack Cotton Jock Strap. It’s highly recommended not just by me. But also by men who have undergone vasectomy!

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