The Best Men’s Underwear with Pouch for Balls You Need to Know About (2020 Reviews)

Men’s Underwear with Pouch for Balls

Underwear is such a basic thing, isn’t it? It’s also a part of your daily outfits. Unless you like going commando! So if you wear it every day, don’t you think your underwear should feel incredibly comfortable? I’m sure you agree with me. Otherwise, why would you be looking for the best men’s underwear with pouch for balls!

The chances are your existing pairs of undies make your precious junk down there feel cramped. And it has done nothing to deserve that kind of treatment. This is the reason you should consider buying men’s enhancing underwear that makes you feel comfortable.

These types of undies keep the private area cool, comfortable, and dry all day long. And the most enticing aspect is that there are plenty of options out there. But be careful while choosing because not all of them are worth spending money on. However, the ones that are commendable, you’ll find them below.

Best Men’s Underwear with Pouch for Balls: Top 10 Recommendations

Just having access to the “testicle pouch” is not enough. The pair should fit your specific needs and requirements too. In that case, I’ve rounded up as many as 10 great options for you!


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Editor’s Choice

Bamboo Rayon and Spandex

Boxer Briefs


Cotton and Lycra Spandex



Polyester and Spandex

Boxer Briefs


Modal and Elastane

Boxer Briefs


Modal and Spandex



Nylon and Lycra Spandex



Modal and Spandex



Polyester and Spandex

Boxer Briefs


Polyester and Elastane



Spandex and Wool

Boxer Briefs

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#1 SeparatecMen’s 3 Pack Basic Bamboo Rayon Soft Breathable Pouch Underwear Boxer Briefs – Editor’s Choice

Separatec Men's 3 Pack Basic Bamboo Rayon Soft Breathable Pouch Underwear Boxer Briefs

Underwear that keeps everything in the right compartment is definitely worthy of the top position. These boxer briefs feature easily accessible parts. That don’t let your boys loose. Each component of yours stays put in its assigned pouch. And to make the experience even better, the fabric and stitching are super-soft. Nothing beats such a combination.

The Separatec Basic Bamboo Rayon Soft Breathable Pouch Underwear Boxer Briefs are equipped with patented technology. This ensures your intimate areas remain comfortably separated. Your male anatomy stays divided down there. Meaning each pouch is designed for providing unique benefits.

The careful construction ensures your privy areas don’t get suppressed while you move around. The front pouch is large enough for comfort and separation. And the lower pouch offers excellent support and airflow. The ventilation is a huge plus here as it avoids hot rashes and rubbing.

Then there’s the window panel installed between the two pouches. To keep your genitals rested, cool, and fresh throughout the wear. The design is incredibly appropriate, isn’t it?

This Separatec underwear keeps your male stuff in place alright. But what it also does is allows your parts to breathe. Thanks to the window panel between the underlying and front pouch.

Are you on the chubbier side? If yes, then you might have to deal with the rolling of the waistband.


  • Bamboo rayon material is moisture-wicking, breathable, and soft.
  • Fly is functional for quick bathroom visits.
  • Length is ideal to prevent riding up issues.


  • The waistband is prone to rolling a bit.

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#2 Jockey Men’s Underwear Pouch Midway Brief – Best Full-Coverage Underwear with Pouch for Balls

Jockey Men's Underwear Pouch Midway Brief - 2 Pack, black, L

Jockey underwear is hard to turn down. And of course, this also applies to the Jockey Men’s Underwear Pouch Midway Brief. It’s a full-rise and full-coverage pair. One that’s also comfortable with a separate pouch for balls.

The fly design is horizontal to offer supreme comfort and secure fit. Along the same lines, you might also appreciate the stretch cotton material and elastic waistband.

As you can see, the cut is full-coverage, right? This extends to your mid-thigh. So no rubbing or chafing problems to deal with.

And lastly, you’ll certainly like the comfortable pouch style. This pair is one of the very few legged briefs outfitted with such a relaxed pouch design.

Many features stand out in this case. Such as the combination of the longer length and pouch. Even the use of long-lasting, heavy-duty, stretchy cotton is quite remarkable. And practical so to speak!

The stitching is not such a durable element. It starts to come apart.


  • Midway length is longer to prevent bunch-ups underpants.
  • Pouch ensures no cramping.


  • Stitching tends to come loose.

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#3 UFM 6” Boxer Briefs Adjustable Pouch Underwear – Best Athletic Underwear with Pouch for Balls

	 UFM 6” Boxer Briefs Adjustable Pouch Underwear Athletic, Work, Everyday Use Gen3 Red

The UFM 6” Boxer Briefs Adjustable Pouch Underwear is created for athletes. The design is ideal for all types of movements. Including basketball, weight lifting, running, cycling, etc. And what it’s also perfect for is men with a larger body. Meaning bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts!

But what makes it the best men’s underwear with pouch for balls? It’s the fact that the pair offers both support and isolation. There are no unsupportive thin mesh separation panels here. Instead, the pouches are designed for providing vital support.

The inclusion of a fantastic drawstring support mechanism is the most commendable. It’s what makes these undies the best ball hammock briefs.

And finally, a blend of spandex and polyester is employed. This brings into the picture moisture-wicking properties. And also comfort, softness, lightweight, and breathability. So your manhood receives all the attention it deserves.

No chafing. No movement restrictions. No cramped feeling down there. All thanks to the patented adjustable pouch design.

There is one major disappointment that comes in the way. The pouch of the UFM underwear offers no give. Cause it’s not designed with the same stretchy fabric as the rest of the undies.


  • Polyester/spandex combo keeps you cool and comfy.
  • Adjustable pouch offers controlled isolation.
  • Suitable for recovering from groin injury/surgery.


  • The pouch is built using mesh, which is not stretchy.

Mens Underwear Technology – Adjustable Pouch Underwear Explained


#4 SHEATH Underwear Men’s Pouch Underwear – Most Comfortable Underwear with Pouch for Balls

Sheath 4.0 Men’s Boxer Brief Underwear, Dual Pouch, Workout, Running, Fitness

Here’s presenting the most comfortable double pouch underwear. It’s the SHEATH Underwear Men’s Pouch Underwear. And the fabrics responsible for the design are modal and elastane. The former is lightweight, cool, and breathable. While the latter takes care of the stretch and fit factors.

The traditional design of boxer briefs pairs up well with the circular double pouch. These pouches are stitched into the underwear’s groin region. One is for your stick and the other for your twins. So each area stays separated, dry, and doesn’t stick together.

There’s enough freedom of movement in the form of flexibility. And the overall construction and feel are also top-notch. So your junk is well taken care of in this pair.

When it comes to isolating and dividing your components, the current pair does it best. And that too without being even a little bit noticeable.

When the legs are short, riding up concerns tend to settle in. So expect some of that in the case of this SHEATH underwear.


  • It’s the best ball lifting underwear.
  • The waistband feels very comfortable.
  • Suitable for fitness and sports activities.


  • Length is on the shorter side.

#5 LAPASA Men’s Micro Modal Boxer Briefs Bulge Pouch Trunk Underwear – Best Big Pouch Underwear

Lapasa Mens Underwear 4-Pack Boxer Brief Micro Modal Breathable Pouch Trunks (No Seam on The Legs) M01, Black, Small (Waist 28 Inches -30 Inches)

Now it’s time for me to review the best big pouch trunks. There’s a lot to like here. Apart from the big pouch of course! Although the large pouch is indeed the highlight of the show. It’s U-shaped to offer extra space for your private parts. No constraints or extrusions!

The fabrics used are modal and spandex. One provides a cool, light, and soft feel. And the other offers optimal stretch.

On top of that, the seams and waistband are comfortable and long-lasting. That means no pulling or scratching discomfort. Every little and major aspect is designed keeping not just your phallus in mind. Even your two buddies down there are taken into account. (Ways to Keep Your Junk Fresh)

The pair is soft and silky. It keeps you dry, most importantly. And also holds the package supportively.

Don’t expect the LAPASA Trunk Underwear to rank high in terms of durability. The material is not strong or thick enough for that.


  • It stretches enough to accommodate and contain all of you.
  • The tag is easily removable to avoid skin irritation.


  • The fabric is too thin to withstand daily wear and wash.

#6 ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer – Best Ball Supporting Boxers

ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer

If boxers adhere more to your style, then try the ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer. It features antimicrobial treatment. To minimize odor, so your junk feels fresh all day long.

But is it really the best men’s underwear with pouch for balls? Well, to be honest, it doesn’t have a pouch. But instead, the pair offers a very comfortable fit and tons of support. Both are incredibly useful when it comes to supporting your gonads down under.

Let me also tell you that the fit is snug yet free and stretchy. Plus, the waistband is comfortable and fabric durable. Speaking of durability, the material is easy to care for. No wonder this pick is the most suitable for travelers, adventurers, and backpackers.

These boxers might not be the best ball supporting boxer briefs. But that doesn’t mean they don’t keep everything in place.

But here’s the negative side of boxers. They bunch up quite a lot.


  • Mesh is included for airflow.
  • Nylon holds up well.


  • Boxers bunch up too often.

#7 David Archy Men’s 4 Pack Underwear Micro Modal Separate Pouches Trunk – Best Ball Supporting Trunks

David Archy Men's 4 Pack Underwear Micro Modal Separate Pouches Trunks With Fly (S, Black)

Who says thank a pair of trunks isn’t the best men’s underwear with pouch for balls? Someone who hasn’t tried the David Archy Underwear Micro Modal Separate Pouches Trunk. It is designed with separate pouches. Much like any best dual pouch underwear!

There are breathable panels installed in here. So air can move in and out freely. To keep your genitals from sticking together! (Common Underwear Mistakes)

Also quite remarkable is the modal material. It’s silky to touch and feels very cool against the skin. Seams and waistband are also pretty comfortable. So your overall well-being is a huge part of this and every David Archy experience.

What’s the high point of the wear? Without a doubt, it’s the exclusive pouch design. That keeps your entire personal are separated comfortably.

Before you buy, please note that these David Archy undies don’t work well below athletic clothing. They do bring your package in focus.


  • Window panel welcomes positive airflow.
  • The fabric is super-soft and smooth.
  • The pouch is contoured to offer maximum support.


  • Appearance is too pronounced for athletic wear.

#8 Champion Men’s Tech Performance Boxer Brief – Best Affordable Underwear with Pouch for Balls

Champion Men's Tech Performance Boxer Brief, Grey, Small

More often than not, the best men’s underwear with pouch for balls is a pair of boxer briefs. So here’s another great option you might want to have a look at. It’s the Champion Men’s Tech Performance Boxer Brief.

Active underwear equipped with a well-contoured, mesh material pouch. That prevents your testicles from sagging. And that strikes the optimal balance between comfort and support.

To top it off, the exterior is spandex. This helps in handing out a more customized fit and shape. What’s also worth noting is that spandex features exceptional moisture-wicking properties. So everything that should remain cool, dry, fresh stays that way.

Plus, it’s performance-driven underwear. Meaning you can carry out whatever movements and exercises you like. Without worrying about a thing!

Superior support and fit; that’s how I would define this pair. It moves with your body. And there’s an excellent inner gusset. That lifts your junk to boost your confidence level.

But the length of the legs is only four inches. Are you used to wearing six inches? If yes, then you might not find these boxer briefs comfortable enough.


  • The waistband sits and fits comfortably.
  • The material is thin to breathe and thick to wick away moisture.


  • Legs might be too short for some.

#9 Under Armour Men’s Original Series 6” Boxerjock – Best Ball Supporting Boxerjocks

It’s not just the wide range of color options that attract attention. The Under Armour Men’s Original Series 6” Boxerjock is all about junk support too. All thanks to its 4-way stretch that exerts pressure. In the right manner and on the right spots! That’s what makes it worthy to land in this article of the best men’s underwear with pouch for balls.

The undies are not constricting in any way. They allow the skin to freely breathe. At the same time, the pair cradles your precious manhood. To keep it tucked in quite comfortably.

Other invaluable features include mesh material fly panel and HeatGear fabric. The latter is what makes the experience smooth and lightweight. And then there’s the performance waistband as well. To keep you comfortable during your running or workout sessions!

If you’re interested in this pair, go for it keeping only one thing in mind. And that is the unique four-directional fabric stretch. It wraps around and keeps together every little part of your apparatus.

But don’t be surprised if the quality of this Under Armour underwear is a bit disappointing.


  • It wicks moisture and dries up very fast.
  • Anti-odor properties stave off unpleasant smells.
  • Suitable for hot summer days.


  • Stitching is of poor quality.

#10 Saxx Underwear Men’s Blacksheep 2.0 Boxer Brief – Best Ball Hammock Briefs

Saxx Underwear Men's Blacksheep 2.0 Boxer Fly Black Heather Underwear

The last pick is certainly not any less competitive. The Saxx Underwear Men’s Blacksheep 2.0 Boxer Brief is the best men’s underwear with pouch for balls. The proof of that comes in the form of the special BallPark pouch. It offers support that’s free of contact and friction.

The patented 3D hammock-designed pouch keeps all of you in place. That’s for sure. This 3D fit features nine panels. Meaning you get 3D shaping in all the right spots. Including your hamstrings, quads, thighs, and glutes.

What’s more is that the seams are flat and non-chafing. Then there’s anti-odor technology and temperature regulation. This is useful when you get hot and sweaty. During workouts!

And lastly, the waistband is moisture-wicking and anti-roll. So it doesn’t bother. Just like the rest of the undies.

The talk of the town is the construction of the unique support pouch. After all, they are the best ball hammock briefs. So the pair does everything in its power to make your stick, as well as its two companions, feel well-supported and comfy.

Are you rewarded with a large gift down there? If yes, then don’t go for this Saxx underwear.


  • Anti-chafing protection is included in the thighs.
  • Wool keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • BallPark mesh pouch offers stable support.


  • Not suitable for well-endowed men.

Complete Buying Guide of Men’s Underwear with Pouch for Balls

Factors to Take Into Consideration:


Photo credit:

You cannot neglect certain characteristics when you’re looking for the best. And if you’re going to, then you might as well buy the first pair you lay your eyes on. But if you wish to wear a pair that actually works for your “manhood” down there, do take these factors into account.

1. Comfort and Fit

Underwear that’s too tight is no good. Because it’s going to make your genitals feel restricted. And nobody likes the setting to be cramped down below! On the other hand, the undies shouldn’t be too loose either. You don’t want to leave things hanging; it’s painful and not healthy.

So you’ve got to ensure that the underwear fits around the waist very comfortably. Even the pouch design is crucial here. The size of your package is not the same as other men. So pick underwear that keeps everything comfortable and secure. Without you having to make adjustments throughout the day!

2. Breathability

When the pair is breathable, your phallus and its buddies remain cool. Breathability comes in the form of materials with excellent moisture-wicking capacity.

With breathability, you also welcome the exit of unpleasant odor. Cause smelly and sweaty balls are just not appreciated!

3. Style

What is the best men’s underwear with pouch for balls? Meaning what style is the most suitable? Keeping that in mind, allow me to discuss the different kinds of underwear styles. Then based on the design, you can select the most fitting ball lifting underwear for your junk.

  • Briefs

Photo credit:

There’s no denying that a pair of briefs is the most comfortable. You can wear them under pants, shorts, and just about anything else. Briefs cover all that is important to you down there. Mobility is also full-range with zero chances of experiencing bunch-ups. In short, they’re perfect for daily wear.

But, at the same time, briefs are not very stylish. I mean how attractive can mid-waist tighty-whities look!

Then there are low-cut and high-rise briefs as well. The higher waistline is for men who wish to smooth out love handles. It’s ideal for concealing your belly pooch too. While the low-cut is more suitable for making your genitals look bigger.

  • Boxers

Photo credit:

These are breathable, loose-fitting, lightweight, and also comfortable. They feature a fantastic open fly. This means easy access. But it’s the ventilation aspect that steals the limelight. If you want your soldiers to breathe and not feel suffocated and hot, you should be wearing boxers. No wonder boxers are known to boost male fertility.

However, the drawback here presents itself in the form of bunching up issues. And also, the best men’s underwear with pouch for balls cannot be boxers. Since there’s no testicle support! That means everything keeps bouncing around during movements.

  • Boxers Briefs

Photo credit:

The best of both worlds is the only way to define boxer briefs. They fit like briefs and have a design like boxers. Meaning a tighter pouch with tight elastic around the thighs. So it’s only logical to assume that they offer enough support to your testicles. In fact, boxer briefs are also an excellent choice to prevent chafing. At the time of running or working out!

What’s the downside though? The fact that boxer briefs tend to bunch up.And also that they lack ventilation. So you might feel a bit sweaty and hot down there in the summer.

  • Trunks

Photo credit:

These are the shorter version of boxer briefs. The material gripping your upper legs is minimal. But the design is square enough to look stylish. Trunks are also very comfortable plus athletic.

  • Jockstrap

Photo credit:

It’s the G-string for men. There are straps running along the thighs and waist. With a pouch for nestling your package!

Jockstraps are great for shaping your area. Instead of making it feel comfortable! You can wear them if you want your genitals to look bigger.

The only disappointment is that they rub and chafe. Also, as I said earlier, jockstrap is not the most comfortable choice.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. What fabric is best for underwear?

The best men’s underwear with pouch for balls is built using what material? Let’s discuss this below.

There’s cotton, which is the most breathable, lightweight, soft, and comfortable. Highly recommended!

There’s spandex, which is very stretchy. So it provides maximum support and flexibility. Spandex also has remarkable odor and moisture-resistant properties. Many undies that I have reviewed employ spandex as one of the fabrics.

There’s flannel, which works best as thermal wear and loungewear.

There’s silk, which is very soft and luxurious. Silk boxers are the most attractive things!

There’s nylon, which screams elasticity and durability. Another highly recommended material!

2. Should I buy underwear according to my lifestyle?

Yes, of course, you should. It only makes sense to do so.

Opt for boxer briefs if you’re an athletic and active person. They protect you from chafing. While also offering all the support you need down there!

Opt for boxers for a relaxed and casual lifestyle.

Opt for trunks or briefs if your lifestyle is more sedentary. These types of undies are comfortable enough with minimal interference.

Opt for boxers if you dress up formally more often. They have a loose fit, which is ideal for fancy pants.

3. What type of underwear is the most suitable for my body type?

The 10 best men’s underwear with pouch for balls I have discussed in my article are a good fit for everyone. But if you want to know how to select normal underwear for your body type, here’s the answer to your question.

Are you well endowed? Then you’re better off with boxers. Even if your height is shorter!

Are you young and slim? Then you might look bigger wearing boxers. They have a wide-cut design that adds more width to the legs.

Are you very tall? Then place your trust in boxer briefs. The high waistline, in this case, covers everything. So you can bend down and your pants can slip down without any exposure.

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Then you’ll be more comfortable working out in trunks. Their slim fit and lower waistline enhance your lean physique. Even minimally designed jockstraps are another great option for you.


In the end, it’s only the Separatec Pouch Underwear Boxer Briefs that stands out. Consider it as the best men’s underwear with pouch for balls.

Nothing beats this one. And that’s only because the pair is armed with two separate pouches. One is the front pouch and the other is the underlying pouch. And both offer support as well as airflow. There’s absolutely no doubt about that.

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