The Best Stargazing Tent You’ll Love for Outdoors (2019 Reviews)

stargazing tent

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of backpacking tents? It’s looking up at the stars from such an enormous height. Isn’t it? You want your stargazing tent to be special. To make you feel like you could reach out for the stars.

Is there such an amazing and the best stargazing tent? Well, I have not just one but quite a few lined up for you. It’s time to cozy up and spend a beautiful night looking up. With this striking selection of 10 best stargazing tents to buy in 2019.

Stargazing Tent – Top 10 Choices

What are you using if not one of these? Whether you’re alone or with the company, stargazing is a special occasion. It allows you to become one with your surroundings. And while you do that, a tent makes sure you’re safe and comfortable.

Well, at least the following stargazing tents do!

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#1 Hyke & Byke Yosemite Camping Tents – Editor’s Choice

Hyke & Byke 2 Person Backpacking Tent with Footprint - Lightweight Yosemite Two Man 3 Season Ultralight, Waterproof, Ultra Compact 2p Freestanding Backpack Tents for Camping and Hiking (Lime Green)

The value of a good camping tent is in its construction. And the Hyke & Byke Yosemite Tent proves that it can be the best stargazing tent. It’s a product of an independent outdoor gear company. So this tent pays attention to details.

It’s the ideal choice for solo adventurers. Including backpackers, campers, and hikers. And in the process, it gives you a good view of the sky at night. So you can be as adventurous as you’d like during the day. And kick back and become one with nature at night.

The tent is a good blend of functional and ergonomic features. Like the add-ons such as the waterproof footprint. It even features a removable storage pocket, stake presser, and 4 guy-lines.

So what you’re camping out on lone mountains alone? At least you’re the most equipped person there is!

Being a heavyweight stargazing tent, the rainfly creatively useful. You can extend the rainfly on each side. This allows you to view the sky and you get extra gear storage space.

The Hyke & Byke Yosemite comes with many extensive features. This makes it heavier than 2- or 3-person tents.


  • The stakes are well-equipped with a stake presser.
  • Extra storage space all around the tent.


  • It’s heavier than standard models. 

Hyke & Byke Yosemite 2P Backpacking Tent


#2 Featherstone Outdoor Backpacking 2 Person Tent – A good starter stargazing tent

Featherstone Outdoor UL Granite Backpacking 2 Person Tent for Ultralight 3-Season Camping and Expeditions

The Featherstone Outdoor 2-Person Tent has many perks. The most appealing one is the rugged inner construction. It has a waterproof and tear-resistant micro-mesh body. It restricts dust and rain entering in. While making sure there’s enough air circulation to avoid condensation.

The features of this best stargazing tent are similar to other high-end competitors. Thus, proving how sturdy, durable, and effective it is. But the difference to look at is the cost. The Featherstone is affordable.

Likewise, fixing up the tent, even for newcomers, is easy. The aluminum pole structure has a freestanding setup. So it doesn’t take long to pack-up even you’re in a hurry. The overall weight is light and manageable.

When you buy a stargazing tent this good. You know you’re buying it for the long run!

The rainfly is waterproof and sturdy. Although the plastic fitting that attaches the rainfly to the pole can be tricky to use. So make sure you tighten the hooks to the cross pole before use.

What’s the complaint, you ask? Well, the tent is a bit short for tall people. So if you are taller than 6’. And you want to lie down flat on the floor to gaze at the starts. Your feet might touch one of the walls of the tent.


  • Offers incredible ventilation.
  • It has a weather-protected rainfly.


  • Not suitable for tall people.

#3 Clostnature Lightweight 2-Person Backpacking Tent – Best weatherproof stargazing tent 

Clostnature Lightweight 2-Person Backpacking Tent - 3 Season Ultralight Waterproof Camping Tent, Large Size Easy Setup Tent for Family, Outdoor, Hiking and Mountaineering

There’s nothing more superior in design and performance than the Clostnature. Don’t be fooled but its lightweight body. The Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent is for pure mountaineers.

It is weatherproof, water-proof, and portable. You can field test it on any given day and under the harshest conditions. Or set it up against other backpacking tents to compare its superiority.

You deserve to buy this best stargazing tent. The rainfly is made of polyester with anti-inspect mesh and aluminum poles. The dome design gives you incredible ventilation. While the poles and reflective ropes keep it grounded.

You won’t find any insects lurking around when you’re inside. Nor do you need to adjust your sitting or sleeping position to make space. The double D-shaped doors on either side give you complete access.

The rainfly does not have any air ventilation holes. But it can withstand rugged downpours and winds easily. You might have to fasten the foundation supporting the rainfly a bit more.

A footprint is an important factor of consideration for any stargazing tent. But this one doesn’t come with one. Any camping stargazing tent should have a footprint underneath.


  • Easy to put together and pack-up.
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable to use.


  • It doesn’t have any footprint for safety underneath.

Clostnature Backpacking Tent Guide


#4 TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent – Best functional stargazing tent

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent; One-Person Pop-Up Tent; Less than 1 Min Setup; Backpacking Tent; Instant Shelter for Beach or Mountain Camping; Easy Clip-On Rainfly Included

Do you want the fastest assembling stargazing tent? It’s the TETON Sports Outfitter Tent. It’s twice as large as any standard tent. But it’s also twice as quick to assemble and pack-up.

The impressive part about this Outfitter Quick Tent is the mesh construction. It’s 2000mm taffeta with flame retardant and water-resistant protection.

You won’t find any detachable poles to attach and remove in this tent. It all comes in a single piece with a single pull for reinforcement. Each pole has a button that you need to thumb down on.

Do you want to go all out with your XXL tent? You can add bungee attachments, extra loops, and much more. Depending upon what you need for the occasion. Thanks to this sturdy quick tent, you get to experiment all you want.

The rainfly needs to be staked to the ground. You need to attach it to the cot’s surface itself to keep it sturdy. During heavy downpours, the water will roll down the rainfly out to the sides. Keeping you safe and dry.

The floor of this tent is not rain-resistant. It doesn’t repel water from entering in when you don’t use a cot. Without one, the rainwater will enter from the sides.


  • It’s durable and ergonomic to use.
  • The rainfly is sturdier than most.


  • There isn’t a tub-like floor to keep water out.

Overnight in the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent & Cot


#5 Marmot Tungsten 3 Person Backpacking Tent – Best super light stargazing tent

	 Marmot Tungsten 3P Tent - Blaze/Steel - O/S

The Marmot Tungsten Backpacking Tent is one of the top sought-after tents. Why? Cause it’s super durable, easy to set up, and lightweight. With a free-standing design, it comes with a footprint and a rainfly.

If you want something strong and manageable, this is what you need. The inside of the tent is well-supported. Plus, it offers plenty of storage to those you absolutely need.

No matter how hard it rains outside, not a drop will enter in. The weather-enduring fabric construction makes sure of that. To be honest, this best stargazing tent makes a tent more livable and functional. Somewhat closer to home, if you want to know! (Tips for Better Stargazing)

Even though the rainfly is sealed and secure. Taking it off so you can look at the stars takes seconds. The rainfly is lightweight and portable. There’s plenty of room for improvements to make the sky more accessible to you at night.

This 3-person backpacking tent needs more stakes to keep it grounded. Not that it already isn’t, but at least 2 more stakes would have been perfect!


  • It’s suitable for day and night use.
  • Weatherproof and reinforced setup.


  • Needs more stakes to keep it secure.

Marmot Tungsten 3P Backpacking Tent


#6 Kelty TN 2 Person Tent – Best compact stargazing tent

Kelty TN 2 Person Tent

Kelty is one of the top brands for backpacking tents. And their Kelty TN Tent speaks for itself! It gives you the compactness you need for two people. And in the backpacking world, factors such as ease of use and setup are taken seriously.

Let’s take the aluminum poles as an example. They make assembly super quick and easy. Plus, you can set up a solid foundation to feel comforted in. It stands up well against downpours and winds.

A practical feature uses hug-clip technology. So you can roll and pack the tent. And still, have plenty of room to store other essential things. Even the roll-up stargazing fly is portable yet rugged.

You need to be extra careful with that rainfly. Even though it’s easy to set up, it leaves holes like windows. The windows already attached to the rainfly are not properly-glued. You can fix the issue yourself. That shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

The stakes holding everything together could be more durable. They bend in tent pads. And aren’t secure enough to hold the rainfly and tent in place.


  • It’s lightweight and functional.
  • Spacious and offers great storage.


  • The vestibule windows of the rainfly are faulty.
  • Lacks durable stakes to secure the edges.

Kelty TN 2 3 4


#7 Luxe Tempo 2 Person Tents Camping – Best freestanding stargazing tent

Luxe Tempo 2 Person Tents for Camping Backpacking 3-4 Season 2 Doors 2 Vestibules Blue

The Luxe Tempo Tent has many perks to follow up on. Do you want stability and better coverage? This best stargazing tent offers more than that.

Made of high-denier polyester, the Luxe Tempo is both waterproof and rugged. The PU is coated to ensure extra protection against outside elements. These include dust, small stones, humidity, and moisture.

Spend a few nights in this into the mountains. Be in nasty weather conditions or even a thunderstorm. You can set the tent up in the quickest time. The materials holding this tent up make up for everything.

The rain fly covers the entire tent from the top. It has a few air vent flaps that prevent humidity inside the tent. This is especially essential for humid climates such as high rain conditions.

This stargazing tent is good for hot and humid weather. However, for colder climates, it fails to keep you warm.


  • It can withstand heavy weather conditions.
  • Easy to set up and pack-up.


  • The tent does not keep you warm.

#8 Copper Spur UL 3 Person Tent – Best 3-person stargazing tent

Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 2 - Two Person Tent

The Copper Spur UL Tent is the ideal backpacking and camping tent. It is quick and practical to pack and live in. Do you make spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment plans? If so, this is the best stargazing tent you need by your side.

It is lightweight enough for backpacking. And durable enough to ride out the toughest climates. So be it heavy gushes of wind or a thunderstorm. This stargazing tent stands its ground amazingly well!

What I’d also back this tent up for is its spaciousness. It’s incredible and practical with the internal space it offers. It’s big enough to accommodate 3 people plus room for storage! You can keep all your essentials close to you.

The rainfly is made up of a lightweight fabric. As durable as it is, its thin material makes noise. Like raindrops falling on the rainfly or when it flaps during windy conditions. If you get used to it, the sound is actually very soothing.

While this is a fantastic stargazing tent, it doesn’t withstand heavy rains. The rainfly which is thin allows a few raindrops to pass through.


  • It’s lightweight and sturdy.
  • Practical for keeping bugs out.


  • The top of the tent leaks during heavy rains.

#9 Kelty Trail Ridge 2-Person Tent – Best dome-shaped stargazing tent

Kelty Trail Ridge 2-Person Tent

You’d be impressed by how functional this compact tent is. The Kelty Trail Ridge is an asymmetrical and super light. It gives you the best possible visibility for stargazing. And yet keeps you protected when it has to.

You don’t have to demand much from this 2-person tent. From ventilation to storage, the aluminum stakes support everything. This is a well-grounded stargazing tent, I strongly believe.

The poles and mesh are easy to install. Each part is color coded so you won’t get confused. This is especially helpful for beginners. The dome-shaped gives you space for three people. But only if you prefer keeping your luggage outside!

You need to pull back the rainfly to one side to be able to see the sky. You can also remove it completely to look at the stars. It has two vestibules that offer incredible ventilation.

The floor of this tent is super thin. And so you might feel tiny rocks pressing up against your back when you lie down.


  • There are dual doors for better accessibility.
  • It’s spacious enough for three people.


  • No footprint for extra cushioning.

Kelty Trail Ridge 2 and 3


#10 Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent – Best stargazing tent for large groups

Wenzel Klondike Tent - 8 Person

Do you want something that’s worth every penny? Take a look at the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent. This tent is sturdy, reliable, and extra spacious. It might take a while to set up but that’s only because it’s highly functional.

It comes with an attached screen room. Along with a weather-repellant polyester construction and coating. The coating is polyurethane which gives it that extra protective layering.

This is a dirt-free, waterproof, and stable tent. During high winds and thunderstorm, it holds its ground well. You can thank the double-staked power corners for such incredible stability.

The thing I liked the most about this tent is the extra sleeping space. It feels like a home away from home. Only here, you get complete access to nature, all around you.

The rainfly is not just for the screening room. It covers the entire tent including the sleeping area and the porch. It doubles as a back-venting area with window flaps.

The rainfly is black and radiates heat in hotter climates. Even though it has window flaps, it can get extremely hot during the day.


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • There’s spacious sleeping and storage space.


  • Not suitable for hotter climates.

Best Stargazing Tent – Buying Guide

A stargazing tent is more than a dome. It comprises of important features that make it functional. What are these features? Let’s find out.



Photo credit:

This includes the mesh and the fabric of the tent. Mesh is a crucial part of any backpacking and stargazing tent. Especially for stargazing because the mesh is what allows you to see through.

For uninterrupted viewing, you need better placement of the mesh. If it’s directly at the top of the tent (that is the ceiling), it’s good but not great.

What you need is a diagonal mesh construction. That starts from the top right down to the sides. This placement gives you a wider view so you can see stars from the horizon.

The other kind of fabric is what the rest of the tent is made up of. There are 3 different types of fabrics to choose from. They are polyester, PVC, and nylon.

Out of the three, polyester is the most common and reliable. It has a waterproof body. And it doesn’t shrivel up like a dried grape in harsh climates. (Common Camping Problems)

Next to polyester, nylon is the most dependable. It’s good for all kinds of weather including storms. But polyester beats nylon under the scorching sun. Exposure to the sun can damage nylon fabric.



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As the name suggests, a rainfly is what covers the mesh during downpours. It acts as the roof of the tent. It also keeps harsh winds, cold, and dirt away. So when you’re not stargazing, you need to have the rainfly on.

You can choose a rainfly with ventilation and insulation. This depends whether you’re camping during the summer or winter season.

The vestibule is an extension of a rainfly. That’s where you can store essential items such as boots, bag, and blankets. Outdoor gear that might come in handy can go into the vestibule. If it’s spacious and durable enough!

The best use of a vestibule is in humid climates. You don’t know when it can rain. So you’d rather protect your essentials from getting wet.



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A footprint is necessary because it provides on-the-floor protection. There are so many things you need protection from on the ground. Including rocks, dirt, stones, and water. A footprint collects all of this and keeps it away from the tent.

Investing in a high-quality footprint is better. Because then you don’t have to replace the entire tent when it gets damaged. (How to Make Your Own Tent Footprint)



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The assembly has everything to do with ease of use. The best stargazing tent isn’t easy to setup? Then why buy it at all!

The whole point of backpacking is to keep it quick and convenient. You want a tent that has ergonomic features and functions. This includes sturdy aluminum poles, stable tent walls, and good fittings.

You can also invest in a free-standing tent. It assembles itself in a single pull which takes less than a minute.



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You get to choose from a dome-shaped and a cabin-style tent. For stargazing, the best choice would be a dome-shaped tent. It has sloped walls to allow a better and wider sky view.

With the dome shape, snow and water don’t collect on the roof. That is not true for cabin-style tents. Cabin-style tents are generally for more people. Expensive models come with room dividers and tall ceilings too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best time to buy a stargazing tent?


Photo credit:

You can’t stargaze in a jungle or hilly area. You need a clear of the sky to set up your tent under. Choose open spaces such as a field or on the top of a wide hill to camp on.

In terms of weather, winter is the best season to stargaze in. You probably guessed why. It’s because nights are longer during the winter. So you get more time to gaze at the stars. Plus, there will be no clouds obstructing your view.

In the winter season, there are hardly any leaves on trees. So even if you have a few trees to look past, the absence of any leaves will make it easier. (Stargazing Through the Year)

Q. Is bug repellence an important factor of consideration?

For camping out in humid and hotter climates, then yes! You don’t want to wake up with giant bug bites the next morning. It makes the experience more unpleasant even if you had a wonderful night.

Bugs get attracted to heat and humidity. A good high-quality stargazing tent adds ventilation. For as long there’s air circulation in the fabric and mesh. The bugs are kept at bay. Another smart thing would be to not keep food out.


It’s time to bring the topic at hand to a close. So allow me to do that by telling you a little something about the top pick.

The chief advantage of the Hyke & Byke Yosemite Tent is its wide-ranging benefits. It won’t lose its stakes any step of the way. Its impressive design and quality are out of the ordinary. And that’s why you need it to be your best stargazing tent for every use.

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